US-Syrian Airstrike Gives McCain His Late Game Opening

    Today Syrian officials reported that four US helicopters struck a suspected Al-Qieda hideout along the Iraq-Syria border. Now this news is just getting out and this is a fresh opportunity for McCain to take command of this race. Obama will give his closing argument sometime tonight on why he should be president, McCain needs to go a different route and act presidential; while Obama acts | Read More »

    The Ultimate Betrayal

    Harold Philby said it best, “to betray, you must first belong” and certainly there are a plethora of politicians. Looking at the Saturday Night Live parody of Representative John Murtha (D-PA) I became more disgusted with this man, despite his otherwise honorable career as a U.S. Marine. His remarksafter the Haditha incident where he accused Marines of war crimes was the tip of the spear | Read More »

    One last chance for McCain/Palin 2 win …

    The fine military site Small Wars Journal today has an outstanding article by LtCol. Dale Kuehl titled Inside the Surge: 1-5 Cavalry in Ameriyah. The two central issues of this election are the war and the economy. As LtCol. Kuehl’s article makes clear, the too-simple ideology of the left and the too-simple ideology of the right are both utterly useless when it comes to actually | Read More »

    “War Is Not The Answer” Bumper Stickers

    One thing holding the US up from an Iraq pullout is the fact that we destroyed their armored forces. Appears the US is about to rectify that; quote: On July 31/08, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced [PDF] Iraq’s formal request to buy M1 Abrams tanks, well as the associated vehicles, equipment and services required to keep these tanks in the field. It is | Read More »

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    Bush Lied/People Died

    quote: “Since they’ve done such a bang up job, I’ll be using the database over at the Center For Public Integrity a lot. It is fully researched and sourced.” Yup, definitely a lot of information there, and while there is a bibliography it’s not really sourced so checking context on various “Key False Statements” is an exercise in Google research.For example; quote: In answer | Read More »


    Can we afford an upcoming Obama “$urrender doctrine/dividend?”

    October 2008, Joe Biden: “Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking… Watch, we’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.” Suggested RNC reply Ad (YouTube) at end of this article. Frankly, depending on the crisis and where it occurs, | Read More »

    Iraq: Democrats’ intellegence – Reid, Pelosi, Biden supporting President Bush

    Iraq: Democrats’ intellegence – Reid, Pelosi, Biden supporting President Bush



    **The only way Sen. McCain can pull this election out is to put foreword a strategy to stop the decline in home values.It is the very nexus of the current financial crisis.You talk about tax relief for the middle class.Try stopping the home values from decreasing another 20%+.He should immediately hold a press conference along with leading economists and financial experts to announce his plan | Read More »

    Obama and Al Sadr On Same Side

    So we know that Obama was secretly interfering with efforts to strengthen Iraq. He was pressuring the Iraqi government to refuse long term security relations with the US. That the press is so corrupt as to just gloss this over is another issue.The issue is that the Obamatons, while we are distracted on the convenient financial mess, have no plan to do what so many | Read More »

    Why polite nations dont loot

    from: The Guardian Read it if you want an example of biased journalism…America invaded Iraq soley for oil, and the proof is…Iraq is now selling oil!!! Pretty evil, those Americans. If you can get through the shrill tone of hysteria that the writer tries with some effort to have permeate the story, you should be able to get to the crux of the matter. Iraq | Read More »


    Support The Troops

    I know this isn’t a particularly popular topic right now, what with the election drawing to a close, but it is still pertinent… We have all heard the infamous statement, “I support the troops but not the war.”At some point, many, if not most of us have responded with, “You can’t support the troops if you don’t support their mission.”And someone you are speaking with | Read More »

    Washington Times: Obama Tried To Sway Iraqi President

    Via Drudge: WASH TIMES Friday: Obama secretly tried to sway Iraqi government to ignore Bush deal on keeping troops in Iraq… Developing… Doesn’t this match NYPost article a while back Will Mr Obama finally admit some truth?

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    Obama Does Not Know How to Use a Computer, Eithe

    Senator Obama’s campaign made fun of John McCain for not knowing how to use a computer. After the recent debate, I think Obama may not know how to use one, either. I remain undecided about the best way to stay informed about current events. I still like newspapers and cable television, but I also learn a lot from Internet news sites, even e-mail. Running for | Read More »

    Looking for a CinC

    The Army’s new field manual FM3-07 STABILITY OPERATIONS has just been released. Here’s what the Army says we should be looking for in a CinC: For every operation, commanders develop personal, detailed understanding of the situation and operational environment. They then visualize a desired end state and craft a broad concept for shaping the current conditions toward that end state. Finally, they describe their visualization | Read More »

    Time to come out swinging!

    I attended a Sarah Palin rally in Carson, California this Saturday. When I heard her go after Obama for his long-standing relationship with William Ayers, my immediate reaction was “finally”. I was hoping that this would be the foreshadowing of what to expect in the second Presidential debate in Nashville. You can imagine my disappointment when the debate wrapped up Tuesday night. What I wanted | Read More »