Obama’s quest to reverse himself on everything

    Listening to Obama speak, and seeing the way the MSM fails to challenge him on his chronic reversals on every issue, I am reminded of Will Ferrell in Zoolander as he exclaimed, “I feel like I am taking crazy pills!”Today Obama states, “I think that the surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated,” Obama said while refusing to retract his initial opposition to the | Read More »

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    It is safer to be in Iraq or Afghanistan than in Chicago

    In the midst of all of the rhetoric blowing heatedly from the Obama campaign, one question needs to be asked of Senator Obama. And asked forcefully.Why is the fact that the death toll in Chicago this summer is about double the death toll of U.S. soldiers in Iraq not of concern to you, Senator?Quoting from CBS news in Chicago: “**Information from wire service reports and | Read More »

    Yes Virginia, There Is Tremendous Progress In Iraq

    I haven’t touched on this story because I took the day off yesterday. But it is too important to go unmentioned:Two years ago, Anbar Province was the most lethal place for American forces in Iraq. A U.S. marine or soldier died in the province nearly every day, and the provincial capital, Ramadi, was a moonscape of rubble and ruins. Islamic extremists controlled large pieces of | Read More »

    Al Anbar Province Turned Over to Iraqi Control

    With all the hullabaloo going on this weekend concerning our very own Right-Wing nutjob, Absentee’s amazing video: The Gov. Palin VP selection and the asinine attacks from the left who are quaking in their boots about it; and of course that little soirée up in Minneapolis, it turns out that the progress in Iraq is moving along unabated.Iraqi civilian authorities today assumed responsibility for security | Read More »

    The Death Of An Awakening

    AP is reporting that the US Military has handed control of Anbar over to the Iraqis. This is a major accomplishment for both the US AND Iraq, and further indicates the substantial progress the Democrats continue to deny and the media refuses to report. The surge worked, the Iraqis are stepping up, and Iraqis living in Anbar have rejected al-Qaida:The province was the base of | Read More »


    Since Media Won’t Help, Time for McCain to Really Exploit His Stance on Iraq

    Some how, the Old Media has missed the good news on Iraq. On August 27, the Rasmussen polling organization published a poll that showed American confidence is at its highest level ever in support of the War on Terror since they’ve begun tracking in January of 2004. This poll got little notice by the Old Media, of course, but it illustrates an issue that McCain | Read More »

    While The Left *Unites* A War Winds Down

    PM Maliki announced agreement on a security pact with the United States to end any foreign military presence in Iraq by the end of 2011. This is excellent news no matter which side of the Iraq divide you consider yourself to be on. Excellent because the Iraqis now consider themselves ready to confront their own challenges with no outside assistance. What remains to be seen, | Read More »

    Oh Dear!

    The National Security Archive released a report last Friday that sheds even more light on the premeditated lying and deception that took the United States to war in Iraq. The findings are based on new evidence compiled by Dr. John Prados and published by the National Security Archive. Most notably, Dr. Prados shows the depth of the deception perpetrated against citizens and Congress regarding the | Read More »

    Team Obama planning to “milk” Beau Biden’s deployment “for all it’s worth”

    An Obama adviser has announced to the world that he will use Biden’s son to score political points, stating:”Biden is very well aware that his son’s deployment is going to be a big part of what we do in October. It’s part of our narrative and we’re going to milk it for all it’s worth,” says one of the Obama advisers. “Republicans would do the | Read More »

    Obama on Iraq: Then and Now

    Then (August 2007):”All of our top military commanders recognize that there is no military solution in Iraq.”Now (August 2008):”Let’s be clear, our troops have completed every mission they’ve been given. They have created the space for political reconciliation.”(h/t): VDH

    Article: How McCain Fought For Change in Iraq (A must read)

    The Washington Times has a fantastic article about the origins of the surge. It really exemplifies McCain’s commander-in-chief credentials and unmatched nation security/foriegn policy credentials.It also points out how important Senators Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman were in the process. We owe these three men an enormous debt of gratitude for getting things on track in Iraq (yet we owe even more to our men | Read More »

    On Torture

    So I deigned to watch Jon Stewart and Colbert Report back-to-back tonight. Both of them went on and on about torture and, in their usual offensive comic way, how ashamed we ought to be that the Bush Administration committed horrific acts of torture. And this got me thinking to what I might say to either of them had I the opportunity to do so. Three | Read More »

    His list of lies are legion (or 42, at least)

    Well, this is my first diary entry on redstate. I’m a longtime reader at redstate, and I just created my own account here at redstate during the recent switch to 3.0. My usual blog is at www.presidentialcandidates08.blog.com. I continue to be impressed by the bloggers in this community. Due to moves I’ve had the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of voting against Mark | Read More »

    Obama’s Revisionist History on Iraq Doesn’t End

    Here is Barack Obama in Sunday’s Saddleback forum:Warren: What’s the most significant–let me ask it this way. What’s the most gut-wrenching decision you ever had to make and how did you process that to come to that decision?Obama: Well, you know, I think the opposition to the war in Iraq was as tough a decision as I’ve had to make. Not only because there were | Read More »

    The Myth of Obama’s Courageous Iraq Speech

    When asked by Rick Warren what his most difficult (I think Warren used the phrase “gut wrenching”) decision was Obama cited his opposition to the war in Iraq. This is not surprising because Obama clings to this decision, and the speech that went with it, with alarming desperation. He attempts to use it at every opportunity as proof that he has the judgment to be | Read More »