On Political Progress In Iraq And The Destruction Of Yet Another Meme

    Remaining arguments against the proposition that the surge and the counterinsurgency strategy implemented in Iraq have been successful revolve around the contention that there has been no political reconciliation in the country. Such claims are harder to make these days: Iraq’s largest Sunni Arab political bloc returned to the government fold Saturday after calling off a nearly one-year boycott of the Shiite-dominated leadership–another critical stride | Read More »

    Remember All Of The Looting Of Archaeological Sites In Iraq?

    It got reported ad nauseam and was held up as an example of all of the poor planning the United States had engaged in while preparing for the aftermath of the fall of the Ba’athist regime. And here’s the thing: It didn’t happen. A recent mission to Iraq headed by top archaeologists from the U.S. and U.K. who specialize in Mesopotamia found that, contrary to | Read More »

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    War and Politics

    As a military veteran of the Vietnam war and a deeply-patriotic American, I will tell you that there is nothing that will raise my blood pressure more, raise my decible level more, or ignite my fiery passions more than those to attempt to diminish the courage, valor, and achievements of our men and women in uniform – or those who choose to exploit the tragic | Read More »

    A question for Barack Obama

    Prime Minister Maliki has spoke positively of the surge since it started, crediting it for averting civil war in his country. Now that Maliki and President Bush are talking about using the success of the surge and General Petraeus’s new strategy in order to pull our troops out earlier, will you admit you were wrong and Bush was right about the surge?

    A question for Der Spiegel

    You published an article headlined Iraq Leader Maliki Supports Obama’s Withdrawal Plans, however you never quote him as such. You merely quote him agreeing with Obama’s proposed 16 month timeframe, but never any details of Obama’s actual plan within that timeframe. Do you actually have a quote of Maliki endorsing Obama’s actual, written plan, or are you willfully exaggerating the contents of the interview, lying | Read More »

    Big Speeches, Few Answers

    Barack Obama is running on a platform of Hope and Change™ but the only clear change seems to be in his policy positions. And the angry liberal base of the Democratic Party is left with the ironic hope that Obama is just doing what it takes to get elected. They have been wincing as the once unapologetic liberal attempts to morph into a safe and | Read More »

    Breaking: McCain declares that we have succeeded in Iraq.

    Via Gateway Pundit: Bring it.

    “Judgment To Lead”

    To the extent that national security plays a role in this election–and unlike many observers, I am not convinced that it will not play a significant role–it should be recalled over and over and over again that when it came to discussing and analyzing the prospects of the troop surge in Iraq and the implementation of the attendant counterinsurgency strategy, one side got it right | Read More »

    “Time Horizons”

    That appears to be what has been established between the United States and Iraq in figuring out the future status of American forces in Iraq and when those forces may ultimately be able to come home. For more on this issue, you should make sure to check out this interivew between NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and General David Petraeus: I can see myself signing on to | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Judgment Means Longer Wars

    The McCain campaign has been showing signs of life, as Moe deftly points out. There is one issue that we know motivates McCain enough to go on the offensive, and that is national security in general and the war in Iraq in particular. Barack Obama is set to travel to Iraq to view firsthand the success of the troop surge strategy that he opposed. And | Read More »

    Obama; The World Tour

    As you may recall Barack Obama refused the offer from John McCain to share a trip to Iraq. This proffer came from a man who has visited the country and our forces 8 times now. While in my mind, it is facile to explain most events which a politician undertakes as “political”, Mr. McCain has done his best to keep the trips focused and meaningful. | Read More »

    So What is Obama’s Position On Iraq?

    The Short answer is “Whatever the Politics Demand.” Watch the following video documentary released by the McCain’s presidential campaign entitled “The Obama Iraq Documentary: Whatever the Politics Demand.” The documentary examines Obama’s multitude of inconsistent statements on Iraq and presents a timeline of Obama’s political positioning on Iraq, including Obama’s incorrect judgment that the surge would fail. Obama sounds as consistent as John Kerry.

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    A Simple Game Of Obamaball

    Want to see an awesome game? Sponsored by John McCain, I dare you to try and follow the Obamaball as it goes back and forth below the fold:

    Shorter New York Times

    People in Iraq really like Barack Obama personally, but they will like him a whole lot less if Obama follows through on his campaign promises on Iraq. Oh, and John McCain was right about the surge.

    The successful surge strategy in graphs

    Every picture tells a story, don’t it. The following graphs don’t tell the whole story of the surge strategy because Iraq is a big and old and complex place, but they do provide some measures of how the strategy is going, and it’s going quite well. Civilian casualties are way down, to historic lows. So are U.S. military casualties.