Prayer and Daniel in Obama’s Democrat IRS Lions Den

    An Obama Administration that first sought to limit freedom of religion to worship also solicited the content of the prayers of political opponents whose free political speech rights they denied in the Election of 2012. When Democratic Party-like “satraps” sought to eliminate King Darius’s favorite Jew from influencing the Mede then ruling Persia, they conspired to appeal to the King’s vanity with an ordinance that: | Read More »

    The Permit Power, The IRS and The Troll Under The Bridge

    Since August or September of 480BC, Western Culture has been well aware of the power multiplier that comes with establishing and holding a choke point. When King Leonidas of Sparta held a vast army of Persians at bay for several days with a smaller force at Thermopylae; the world then knew that chokepoints were strategic fulcrums from whence power could be leveraged far beyond its initial limits. The economic analog to such a chokepoint is the monopoly. The government permit power is just such a chokepoint generating function to empower the state beyond its circumscribed constitutional limits.

    When the government controls activity via permit, they are able to do several things that go far beyond their enumerated Constitutional powers. They can pick winners and losers. They can dictate the size and scope of activities without having to depend on the approval of courts or legislators. An agency wielding permit power can skim a surplus off the top through fees that go beyond the cost of providing inspection and certification related to the permit. Like a gang of brigands controlling a bridge, a regulating agency can use the permit power to dictate who gets to pass, how much traffic traverses the road and how much in bribes have to be paid in order to get across the river

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    The IRS Scandal: There is No Smoking Gun

    There will no doubt be Congressional hearings into the brewing IRS scandal that just seems to get worse by the day, especially evey time Jay Carney opens his mouth. To illustrate the fact that where there is smoke, there likely is fire one need only look at where we are now. This entire episode came to light publicly when an IRS official, speaking before an | Read More »

    Arrogant government

    The proper attitude of government towards its citizens is humility.  The State kneels before the people who invest it with terrible authority.  The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are full of language that illustrates this relationship, but you don’t have to look back that far, because American politicians constantly cloak themselves in the language of humility.  They always talk about how honored they are to receive | Read More »

    Liberals Just Don’t Get It

    The most recent circling of the liberal wagons involves the somewhat apologetic excuses for the brewing IRS scandal. In an absolutely classic case of liberal twisting of logic and facts, the victims (the groups targeted for extra scrutiny) are now the scapegoats and the perpetrators (the IRS) are the low-level victims of a conservative assault on campaign finance laws. What is a poor IRS official | Read More »

    Abuse of Power. Dereliction of Duty. If the shoe fits, wear it, Mr. President

    What do you think Americans would say if they learned that while Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were fighting for their lives atop the US Consulate in Benghazi, that their President was on the phone with campaign donors, or prepping for his Las Vegas fundraiser the next day.  Throughout all the hearings and testimony thus far, the one fact we do know is this,  not | Read More »

    Obamacare and the IRS: Together Forever – What’s Not To Like? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    A chilling fact, and one in which EVERY American needs to be fully aware, is the IRS will have a major role in the implementation of Obamacare, officially known as Affordable Care Act. (ACA) Now, in light of the current IRS scandal, the thought of the IRS legally wedded to the ACA should give every American serious heart burn. Here is how The Blaze reported this issue | Read More »

    Skynet on the Potomac

    Obama’s favorite henchman, David Axelrod, deployed the famed Incompetence Defense on behalf of the embattled President during an MSNBC appearance on Wednesday.  That’s the hot new line from Obama apologists: he’s so incredibly inept that he can’t be held responsible for anything his Administration does.  He golfs, he raises money, he takes a lot of vacations… there’s not much time left over for management.  He learns | Read More »

    Photo Caption Contest: Tear-anny at the White House Press Conference?

    On Monday May 6th the following question was posted on The Blaze, linked to Buzzfeed’s report from Reuters: Did Obama Cry While Answering Benghazi Questions During Press Conference? Buzzfeed reported Reuters’ description of the same photo taken by its photographer, Jim Bourg, referencing the moisture on the president’s cheek as a “tear” that came while he answered press questions about Benghazi. “A tear runs down the face of President Barack Obama as | Read More »

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