Small Business 101

    According to a feature in, small business is in for a real surprise starting in 2012.  A little provision in the health care reform legislation will now require small business to issue a IRS Form 1099 to every person or vendor to whom they pay $600.00, or more.  The complete article can be viewed at: “Section 9006 of the health care bill — | Read More »

    IRS Going Global and stalking the Rich!

    I know we have said these things over and over but it’s just that some of these points bear repeating over and over. The Obama Administration is about securing Left Wing power for the future. They are anti-business they are about punishing success and promoting mediocrity. And now the IRS is going global in order to properly assess the tax burden of the wealthy. What | Read More »

    Obamacare a mandate, not a right

    Perhaps the most obnoxious rhetoric emanating from Obamacare supporters is that this law makes health care a “right.” I’ve seen it in countless editorials and heard it from countless commentators. But how can health care be a right when the government forces you to have it? We have right to a free press, but the government doesn’t force you to own a newspaper. We have | Read More »

    Obamacare Bill Turns the IRS Into the Secret Police

    No three letters strike fear in the hearts of Americans that I-R-S. According to a new report by the GOP members of the House Ways and Means committee, If the Senate Obamacare bill gets passed by the house, the IRS is going to gets a lot more intimidating because it is going to get a slew of new responsibilities. They will act as Barack Obama’s not so secret health insurance police.

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    Go ahead, put this URL into your browser: That’s right: There is no DNS record for Anyone who tries to visit the IRS’s website has to take a guess and add www to it in order to get there. That’s twice today I’ve had to deal with user-hostile government at work. First the FCC made its public comment forms as obnoxious and difficult | Read More »

    So, *which* Lynn Woolsey wants to use the IRS to go after the Catholic Church?

    Via Jim Geraghty, and note that it’s the title to her article: Woolsey: IRS should look at bishops But I’m curious: which Rep. Lynn Woolsey (Democrat.  Dem-o-crat.) wants to have the IRS investigate the Roman Catholic Church in response to the latter’s support of the Stupak Amendment? Is it the Rep. Lynn Woolsey (Democrat.  Dem-o-crat.) who is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus?  If | Read More »

    Why is the House Voting First? Price Tag Hits $1.2 Trillion witout Doc Fix — $1.45 With Doc Fix

    The news keeps getting tougher for the House Leadership in their irrational quest to pass their ObamaCare bill. First, the Associated Press is reporting the bill will cost $1.2 Trillion without the doctor fix of $250 billion. The new total will be $1.45 trillion — because the House Leadership intends to create a “self-executing rule” that would pull the doctor fix apart from the House | Read More »

    ‘Shared responsibility payment’ imposing the poor on health care.

    At least, that’s the Senate version of the Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions committee bill on health care rationing: the House version has the elementary decency to call it a ‘tax.’ Legal Insurrection walks through the procedure: the short version is that both versions of the bill require that employers give the IRS information on who they’re insuring, during what periods, and… some-things-to-be-determined later. If | Read More »

    IRS stifling pro-life speech

    I came across this today. It appears that the IRS is now in the business of defending (Un)Planned Parenthood. From the news story; “the IRS stated that it would not grant tax exemption until the Coalition swore to limit its “picketing” and “protesting” of Planned Parenthood.” Is this for real? Is the IRS now using the full might of the US to quash free speech? | Read More »

    Geithner’s Inside Scoop on Tax Dodging

    As I have said, $332 million would go to new IRS enforcement efforts, including $128.1 million to improve international tax compliance. The balance of these funds would be used to support three critical programs: 755 employees to increase examinations of tax returns for businesses and high-income individuals; 300 employees to expand the IRS document matching program, which compares tax returns to other forms such as | Read More »

    Barack Obama Wants to Increase Your Taxable Income By Taxing Your Phone Usage

    This is how the Obama administration is going to raise your taxes without actually increasing the tax rates — they’re going to kill you with a thousand little tax bills. The latest? If you use your company cell phone to make personal calls, the IRS will consider it a taxable fringe benefit. The Internal Revenue Service proposed employers assign 25% of an employee’s annual phone | Read More »

    IRS puts tax lien on Kerry’s 2004 campaign.

    (Via NTCNews‘ sidebar) Good luck with getting that resolved, Senator: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service has filed a $819,848 tax lien against Sen. John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, but Kerry on Wednesday blamed an IRS clerical error for the claim and said his campaign owes no tax penalties. The Massachusetts Democrat said the IRS mishandled payroll tax forms that he said were correctly | Read More »

    This is tax reform?

    From the Washington Post: “There is a growing awareness of the need for fundamental tax reform,” Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said in an interview. “I think a VAT and a high-end income tax have got to be on the table.” With income tax “revenues” plummeting 34% in April of 2009 compared to April of 2008 the parasites in Washington are looking for another way to | Read More »

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    Some new Tax Ideas

    They’re coming, a real pay as you go system, designed by the Smartest People Who Have Ever Lived, Because we’d all drown with liquid assets: 1. The ‘Change Ain’t Cheap’ tax.  It’s not.  We tried it. 2. The ‘Not one of us’ tax.  You just try not to make this list. 3. The ‘Fly-Over Country’ tax.  You’re in that red state.  Best get moving. 4. | Read More »

    Pathetic – UPDATE

    Per NBC, Eric Holder has been confirmed as the new Attorney General. The vote was 75-21. The roll isn’t available yet. I guess John Edwards was right, there are two Americas; one America for tax evading rich Democrats to attain high office, and the one for the rest of us who have to pay for it. UPDATE: Link to the roll call vote updated above.  | Read More »