ISI: Worthy of support

    The Intercollegiate Studies Institute was founded in 1953 by William F. Buckley, Jr., and Frank Chodorov. Its purpose is to reorder the American university toward liberty, rather than the gaggle of derangements into which it has descended, and thereby to “sustain a free and virtuous society.” With particular emphasis on the rising generation of students, the good folks at ISI undertake their charge with vigor | Read More »

    U.S. allies poison us, politely

    I’ve laid low during the election, holding in the anger and warnings knowing that neither McCain nor Obama would make much of it — and worse — that the public cared little to hear it. The Mumbai Massacre, however, has awoken my need to fight back in the small way I can. So please, read the following and understand that the biggest threat comes from | Read More »

    Renewal on the Right

    The airwaves are full of talk about how to revive or renew the GOP and Conservatism. Rightly so. But such a task must be undertaken on a number of levels. One level is that of intellect and scholarship; and renewal on that level will be a matter of introspection, careful study, and refinement of arguments. We need to go back and recover our roots. Now | Read More »