Barak’s Islam

    Obama’s connections are continually popping up that ties him to Islam and his muslim faith. I pray the nation will see these cnnections and not just pass them off as smears as Obama would like them to be seen. Lets look at all his associations and any messaging that could be shown through out his campaign. Obama attends Columbia Khaldi’s father teaches an Arab studies | Read More »

    1801 America was at war with Islam

    A lot of people dont realize it but when America declared independence from Britain we lost protection of the British Navy. Then pirates in Africa began to attack American shipping in the Mediterranean and holding Americans as slave labor. American soldiers were being beheaded 200 years ago in 2 viscious wars. We werent born a world power we were beat that way. Here is a | Read More »


    You’ve got to be kidding….

    ….tonight. American owned press is giving an entire hour of airtime to evil. EVIL interviewed This is tantamount to treason as far as I’m concerned. An whole friggin’ hour talking to this Islam-Fascist nutjub who is open about turning Israel into a nuclear wasteland and thinks of us as the Great Satan….and then uses the Great Satan’s airwaves to spew his evil filth……utterly unthinkable. Isn’t | Read More »

    Representative Tancredo Proposes Anti-Sharia Measure in Wake of U.K. Certification of Islamic Courts

    The headers above are the first two lines on the good Congressman’s website from 18 September. Please follow this link to see for yourself . . . . Representative Tom Tancredo (Colorado) – Thank You ! I’d like to see this bill go a bit further in scope and since we are at war with these “people”, have it be enacted immediately by executive order | Read More »

    Sharia law adopted in Britain

    Someone should ask Obama about how he feels about this. ISLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases.The government has quietly sanctioned the powers for sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.Rulings issued by a network of five sharia courts are enforceable with the | Read More »

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    “Obsession” in Dearborn: A Recap

    The Dearborn screening of “Obsession” was more than I had bargained for. In a city that boasts the largest proportion of Arab Americans for a city of its size (nearly a third of the total population), the outcry over the film screening was quite minimal, perhaps even non-existent. This is quite something. Unlike the University of Florida, who, fearful of backlash from Arab students, banned | Read More »

    Screening “Obsession” in Dearborn, Michigan

    (Updated below.) Today I am flying to Dearborn, Michigan, where I will be attending a screening of a documentary titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” – a film that I have discussed here before – which is being sent nationwide, included in newspapers and magazines as a way of reminding voters of the threat we face from Islamic terrorists, and how the result | Read More »

    Should we be worried about Malaysia?

    Image via Wikipedia There seems to be a pattern of troubling connections between Anwar Ibrahim, the rising politician who is seeking to unseat the ruling party, and terrorists. The World Assembly of Muslim Youth and the International Institute of Islamic Thought are just two examples. And then there is the prospect of Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) as a defining part of a Malaysian ruling coalition. | Read More »

    The Myth Of “Islamophobia

    The New York Times, other American and foreign media, as well as The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have used the word “Islamophobia” to refer to individuals who call any aspect of Islam into question. “Islamophobia” is a term often used to cast aspersions on the person offering a reasonable criticism of Islam and any other facet of the religion or its believers. The term | Read More »

    Terrorism Pays

    The BBC brings us news that Random House doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to publish a book about Muhammad’s adventures in what we would consider in today’s world to be felonious sexual assault of a child by refusing to publish a book about his marriage to A’isha…aged 10 at the time of their marriage. Why, you ask? Plans to release a novel about Prophet Muhammad’s | Read More »

    Islamists Rule American Publishing Industry

    America is the land of liberty. It is the place where political expression is protected by law and custom. It is the freest nation on Earth… unless, of course, you wish to talk about Islam. Then, unless you bow and scrape, unless you assert its supposed peacefulness, unless you bend over backwards to make sure that you don’t “offend” Islamists, you will be shut down. | Read More »

    Timesonline Overreacts: If Islam is Extreme Let’s ban ALL Religion

    In yet another example of why the west might not beat the onslaught of radical Islamofascism, Minette Marrin of the Timesonline thinks she has found a solution to the clash of cultures. Marrin details the extremism evinced by too many Muslims in England and then posits a solution: ban all religion. Talk about an absurd idea. It’s as foolish as throwing out the baby with | Read More »

    The debate we must have.

    Some months ago we learned something that should have surprised no one — at least no one in the least bit familiar with the stultifying intellectual paralysis that afflicts much of the Republic on the subject of Islam. We learned that various federal agencies, including Homeland Security, are expressly resisting the use of descriptive terminology — “jihadist,” “Islamic terrorist,” “Islamist,” etc. The reasoning here is | Read More »

    Islamic Academy in Fairfax, VA Used Texts That Compares Jews and Christians to Apes and Pigs

    From the Washington Post. A Saudi-funded academy in Fairfax County used textbooks as recently as 2006 that compared Jews and Christians to apes and pigs, told eighth-graders that these groups are “the enemies of the believers” and diagrammed for high school students where to cut off the hands and feet of thieves, a Washington Post review of the books has found. Saudi officials acknowledged that | Read More »

    News Blackout – New York Times Ignores Momentous Pro-Jewish Court Case Win in France

    France TV 2 has lost a major court case in France that makes the lie to a major piece of Palestinian propaganda. In 2000 an incident occurred in the Palestinian areas that has since been used as propaganda for the Palestinian cause all across the world and the New York Times has repeatedly been a willing host for this propaganda. Now, however, it has been | Read More »

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