Convert or Die – No Middle Muck.

    Purported pundits, singing the praises of the so-called “moderate” Muslim, are bald face liars or ignorant. In the Koran, there is no lukewarm, “moderate” Muslim. There is one true Muslim – the one living by the Koran. Anyone else is an infidel. Among “true” Muslims, there is ZERO interest in assimilating into American society. Muslims have one question for each American infidel – do you | Read More »

    Shari’a vs U.S. Law

    Monday in a conference with Council on Foreign Relations, Imam Feisal Abdual Rauf said that Islamic Sharia law complies with the United States Constitution. What? Is there something wrong with this guy? Has he even read the Constitution? Certainly Imam Rauf – the self-professed Islamic moderate – is trying to promote his agenda and trying anything to smooth over the idea of continuing the building | Read More »


      51 PORK PLACE Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf will NOT be pleased when he will be forced to tell the Muslims about the history of Wall Street and how it got the name!  Moreover, we know ALL Muslims believe that pork is unclean and they are forbidden to eat or touch pork!  How is the world of Islam going to react when they discover they | Read More »

    The Most Important 600 Feet On Earth.

    There has been much written by people of all political stripes about the proposed Cordoba project. One thing is becoming apparent. The people who make up the Cordoba Project are sticking a finger in our eye and daring us to do something about it. We have got to stop thinking of these people through the lens of our experience. We have to understand that this | Read More »

    Afraid Of Offending Muslims, Get Over It Or Terrorism Wins

    We have just commemorated the ninth anniversary of September 11. The day when men claiming service to Allah used commercial jet liners as weapons to kill thousands of innocent people, bring down the symbol of American capitalism, damage the symbol of the American military might and reek terror throughout our land. And yes these men who perpetrated the most horrific terrorist attack in history were | Read More »

    Remembering 9/11

    It’s been nine years since radical Islamics, in the name if Allah, murdered over 3000 people in the World Trade Center, Pentagon and a small Pennsylvania field. The murderers died with the name of Allah on their lips knowing that they were striking a blow for their god in an ongoing war. They see no American as innocent or worthy of being spared as they | Read More »

    A Few Things That Chap My A** (if anybody cares)

    The first thing I wish to mention is how we’re told that we’re suppose to be tolerant of the great religion of Islam. The progressive mainstream media abhors all religions except Islam which is their darling. It’s ironic because the progressives are all for gay marriage but Islamic nations support the death penalty for homosexuality. Supposedly, the progressives are for women’s rights (liberal women only) | Read More »

    Forget? That’ll Be the Day!

    It was like any other morning, at first. I was headed to my office, but first I wanted to check the markets on CNBC. They switched from their normal coverage just before nine AM and went to a live shot in New York. A horrible scene it was and it incredibly got worse less than 15 minutes later when a second airliner plowed into the | Read More »

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    Juxtaposed views.

    I’ve already discussed the proposed Quran burning for this weekend by Dove Outreach in Florida. To make matters more interesting, or worse – depending upon how you look at it – apparently the church has worked together at least once before with Fred Phelp’s Westboro Baptists (according to a radio interview given by a local talk show with Mr. Jones). On top of that, material | Read More »

    An Open Letter to the Qur’an Burning Pastor

    Crossposted at The MonT-SteR REPORT Dear Pastor Jones, I can appreciate your concern for the falsity of Islam. As John Piper notes, bad theology dishonors God and hurts people, and I can’t think of a theological construct more hurtful, more violent, more angry, more damnable than Islam. Except for bad Christian theology. As ambassadors of Christ, we are charged with the awesome responsibility of representing | Read More »

    Israel — Four – No, Make That Five Jews Murdered In Muslim Terrorist Attack Near Hevron.

    By now, I know you’ve heard about this attack, so the event itself may be somewhat of a moot point for listing, but I need to anyway…… There’s two reasons. This is the first time I’m popping up a diary regarding something that occurs on almost a daily basis in Israel — Jews murdered by p.o.s. Muslim terrorists. So why now ?….. Why this time | Read More »

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    GZM; A Case Study in Liberal Thought

    Some exchanges of viewpoint are just too instructive to ignore.  Consider this Ground Zero Mosque situation.  A scrambled egg-head academic wrote a strangely reasoned piece in the StarTribune on how intolerance regarding the mosque is hurting our country.  What snapped in me was his blaming Christianity for this intolerance and smearing the entire religion as some kind of irresponsible hate group.  I’ve become sick of | Read More »

    Rahm-n-Weiner’s Gay Palace of Tolerance and Diversity

    Since Greg Gutfeld suggested placing a gay bar next to the Ground Zero Mosque, I’ve begun warming to the idea.  Since the Imam Rauf wants to build an edifice dedicated to bridging the gap between Islam and the West, I think Gutfeld’s idea has merit.  But, we must make sure it is really a bridge and not just a pier.  In order to make the | Read More »

    Looney Left Says Muslims are Terrorists!

    Drug flag! The latest blithering groupthink drivel from the Journolist master control program is a good example of the bewildering psychotic state of the Lying Left. They now claim the furor over the Ground Zero Mosque will trigger an intifada among young Muslims: “On Sunday Frank Rich speculated that the stoked up furor over the Lower Manhattan mosque could result in a threat to our | Read More »

    News from the peaceful nuclear world: Sudan and Egypt are go.

    News from the ‘peaceful’ nuclear world:  Sudan AND Egypt. First we have Sudan. You know them.  The friendly folks who host all the fun in Darfur. Sudan Moves Forward On ‘Peaceful’ Nuclear Reactor. Sudanese leaders established a nuclear program in early 2010, according to state news agency SUNA, and they plan to build the country’s first nuclear power station in 2020. They say the program is | Read More »