Major policy shift on alliance with Israel?

    Its no secret that Obama has been rather cold toward Israel, our greatest and most dependable ally in the middle East.  From snubbing Israel on middle East trips, to condemning Israel’s right to zone its own territory, to actively undermining Israel’s defensive posture against Iran, Obama has been no friend to Israel. To conservatives, it comes as little surprise.  His cold attitude towards Israel was | Read More »

    Geraldo Rivera: Is He Passive/Aggressive or Just a Fraud ?

    Geraldo Rivera (nee Gerald Riviera from Babylon Long Island) likes to portray himself as being the ultimate Zionist, simply based on the fact that his mother was Jewish and he had a Bar-Mitzvah when he was 13. The Fox news in-house progressive exhibits little affection for the Jewish State, but loves to announce that he is a long-time Zionist immediately before he throws Israel under the bus. Gerry from Babylon is textbook passive/aggressive.

    The last week of March, Gerry exhibited his typical passive/aggressive behavior during an appearance on Fox and Friends. He began by saying how well he knew Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, then threw the truth out the window so he could trash Bibi and Israel (transcript from CAMERA):

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    Zbigniew Brzezinski Helped Create The Taliban, Now He Wants to Create a New Terrorist State

    Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser for Jimmy Carter, is one of the key advocates urging President Obama to impose a solution in the Israeli conflict with the Palestinian Arabs. Brzezinski’s advice should be looked at with great skepticism as he is the man who created the policies that brought us the War on Terror by luring the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan and creating both the Taliban and al Qaeda.

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    If it’s Friday, it’s time for another round of we-hate-Israel from the Unhinged Left.

    Question and answer time with Uncle Moe: Q. How can one reconcile the position of Media Matters hack M.J. Rosenberg that American opinions towards Israel (safe link; H/T Instapundit) are driven by Republican anti-Muslim hatred with the minor detail that the administration’s latest anti-Israel policy was formally deplored by 327 members of Congress? A. Media Matters hires crazy people. [pause] Q. Do you think that | Read More »

    Obama Administration now negotiating on behalf of the Palestinian Authority… against Israel.

    I saw this article on the Free Republic forum and couldn’t believe my eyes. The original article is here on World Net Daily. The gist is this: the Obama Administration is actively negotiating with Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority: not as a middle man, but on behalf of the PA. The sources for this are a senior PA negotiator (unnamed) and unnamed sources | Read More »

    Obama is planning on IMPOSING peace on Israel and the Palestinians

    he same President (gag) who said no country has the right to dictate policy etc on another country has decided that it’s his job to impose peace on two groups of people, one a sovereign country in its own right, against their will. Obama’s New Peace Plan whether they like it or not. Who does this guy think he is? He’s acting like a dictator | Read More »

    Fourteen of Obama’s most favored nations……… Plus……. The UK ‘reconsidering’ arms sales to Israel.

    I’ve got about twenty-five news links from different sources over the past few days, each more screwed up than the one before. I’ll leave it at these two for now…. —  —  —  —  —  —  — The Obama administration has canceled airport security restrictions on 14 terror-related countries, including American Muslim allies such as Saudi Arabia. Instead, the United States is relying on “real-time” | Read More »

    Senator John Kerry: Syria Committed To Mideast Peace

    “Show me your friends, and I tell you who you are.” U.S. Senator John Kerry says Syria is committed to engaging in peace making and is essential to the process. The Democratic senator, who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters after a three-hour meeting with President Bashar Assad Thursday that Washington is also concerned about the flow of weapons to | Read More »

    Axelrod spins the Israeli PM snub

    Axelface Axelrod put out the “Official Spin” on the snub of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today, which we’ll gladly de-construct here; Obama met the Israeli leader in the White House on Tuesday but did not dine with his visitor and, by keeping the talks closed to the media, also denied Netanyahu the courtesy of a photo-opportunity with the president. Obama didn’t want to be | Read More »

    Optimism Watch: Instapundit/Israel/Obama edition.

    I like Glenn Reynolds, but I think that he’s wrong here about why the President is mucking about with Israel right now: I think Obama expects Israel to strike Iran, and wants to put distance between the United States and Israel in advance of that happening. (Perhaps he even thinks that treating Israel rudely will provoke such a response, saving him the trouble of doing | Read More »

    America Must Stand With Israel

       A man was walking down a beach. He noticed a small boy carrying a bucket of water away from the surf where he had just dipped it. The man watched as the boy poured the water into a shallow hole which he had recently dug. Then he started back towards the ocean. The man called to the boy and asked, “Son, what are you | Read More »

    Enemy To Our Friends, Friend To Our Enemies.

    Barack Hussein Obama’s latest perfidy, among many, is in threatening our South Korean allies about retaliation against North Korea, for what (now that the lies are clearing) looks like the torpedoing of a South Korean Naval vessel in South Korean waters by the North Koreans. Fifty eight out of a crew of one hundred and four were reported as having been rescued. There were no | Read More »

    A thought on why the administration is picking a fight with Israel

    Sorry for this short Diary but I would like to hear the thoughts of others. The Obama administration has gone out of its way to insult and pick on Israel. There have never in the past been any problem with building homes in Jerusalem, and the shabby treatment of Netanyahu went beyond the contempt which Obama normally bestows on our allies. I had to ask | Read More »


    Israeli PM Netanyahu in DC

    The bristling hostility of two meetings in two days between Netanyahu and BHO — without so much as a press release or photo op — makes me quite uneasy. It could just be a continuation of ongoing bilateral diplomatic spats, including Secty State HRC’s recent discordant trip to Israel. If so, we could each view that through different political lenses…but it would just be politics-as-usual | Read More »

    Why Barack Obama Manufactured This Crisis With Israel

    Last night Barack Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. It was very obvious that there was no easing of tensions between the two allies. Neither leader said as much, but the news blackout about the meeting was unusual. Such high-level meetings are generally followed by pubic handshakes, and often by joint statements. Obama met with Netanyahu for about an hour and a half, took a break as the session moved to the Roosevelt Room and continued with White House aides. After the break, Netanyahu and the US president returned to the Oval Office for another 35 minutes. Then Netanyuahu was lead out the same way he was lead in, very quietly.

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