Israel just declared a unilateral truce. They’re not shooting anymore. Hamas of course still is and won’t stop.

    In what can only be described as a definite attempt at national suicide, Israel has simply stopped it’s attack on Hamas. My thoughts instantly went to ‘why’ and all I could think of is:  The One must have called up Olmert and Livini and said: “All you Evil Juice.  Stop it now and withdraw, or two seconds after I take the office on Tuesday, | Read More »

    The Gaza Conlfict, and its implications on Obama Foreign Policy

    In an interview that Kathryn Jean Lopez conducted with Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, Ms. Glick pointed out the basic inconsistency of the media coverage and resultant public perception of the Gaza conflict. What is interesting about this latest round of fighting is that the world paid little attention to what was going on when it was only Hamas attacking Israel. People only started paying | Read More »

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    TIME Takes Swipe at Joe The Plumber (Now Joe The Reporter)

    TIME magazine got a twofer on a recent screed headlined “Is Israel Losing the Media War in Gaza?.” Not only did TIME use its article to take a few swipes at Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher (known as Joe the Plumber) but it also took the opportunity to once again blame the Jews for everything going on in Gaza. Naturally, TIME’s description of Joe the Plumber was | Read More »

    Why the rush towards cease fire? — Give war a chance.

            Once before, something even better than a cease fire was tried. All the people of Gaza wanted was to be left alone and exist as a sovereign nation everyone was told.  So Israel agreed to the evacuation of  Gaza. The best and brightest minds all concluded that if the Israelites just left Gaza it would marginalize Islamist appeal by giving the Palestinians what they want–a | Read More »

    Anti-Terror Rally to Support Israel’s Right of Self Defense

    Promoted by Jeff. This is a great opportunity to engage in local activism. Another is this protest in the Bay Area, which is being planned apposite domestic terrorist Bill Ayers’ coming visit. -JE On December 27, 2008, Israel began defensive attacks against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has been attacking Israel with multiple daily rockets sent into their cities, even though both sides had | Read More »

    Ending the Gaza War: Choices, not Solutions

    Last December, Hamas unilaterally ended its ceasefire with Israel and escalated the kind of cross-border attacks continually attempted even during the ceasefire. With massive public support, Israel struck back against a neighboring regime which daily attacked its citizens and called for its extermination. For decades, Israel’s history shows a general pattern: its neighbors attack, Israel responds, Israel wins the war, and the world rushes to | Read More »

    The Only Way to Fight a War

    When I was growing up, my father always told me, “Never, ever start a fight; but always finish one.”

    I didn’t really understand what dad meant by that until I started studying military history. The victor in any fight is the side that is willing to fight it out to the end.

    The bullies who picked on me growing up nearly always did so because I didn’t fight back. It didn’t matter how many times they got in trouble. Often, that was just enough excuse to keep picking on me; to get back at the boy who got them in trouble. I finally stopped getting beat-up when I started throwing punches of my own.

    Unfortunately, throwing those punches also got me in trouble. Because I defended myself someone thought I had done something wrong.

    In watching this recent action between Israel and Hamas, I have seen much the same kind of mentality, both in the media and in those I know in the liberal blogosphere. “How dare Israel defend itself? Don’t they realize they’ve killed more Palestinians than Hamas has killed Israelis?” My favorite so far has been a “friend” on Facebook who posted, as his profile image, a sign that says, “Support Palestine: Stop the Genocide.”

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    A follow-up on Israel

    Jeff “Maximos” Martin replied to my criticism and while I could make a reply over there, I’m doing so here so all you guys will go visit the nice site that they all have there. I’m accused of demanding what Jeff says is not necessary, but I don’t think so. I wasn’t demanding that he make the gestures against terrorism to prove his good faith. | Read More »

    Israel: Finish It

    Posted by Tim K. Originally posted at I am perhaps the most pro-Israeli person I know, and I am not Jewish, I am a Christian Conservative, and this is the land of Israel. Hamas is a band of ruthless terrorists who like other Arab leaders want the destruction of Israel to come about, a two state plan will never work, a three state plan | Read More »

    Israel and the Just War Doctrine

    I write today a response to Jeff Martin’s criticism of Israel with respect to the Catholic just war doctrine. I do think he’s in error, because he gives the facts a cursory glance and omits key details, but that only leads to my main criticism: I think he shows a bias against the Israeli side of the war. Firstly though, I address the Catholic Church’s | Read More »

    The Jewish/Democrat/Obama relationship – I just don’t get it.

    Exit polls from the 2008 Presidential election showed that Obama received around 77% of the Jewish vote. I’m at a loss to understand why. Guys like this claim that Obama “represents the values of (their) community” but fail to describe what those “values” are. And now we see that support for Israel’s action against Hamas is coming largely from the GOP side. Per Rasmussen: Sixty-two | Read More »

    Israel Unsure of Future Support from US-Is Obama?

    As Israeli Defense Force troops and tanks force their way deep into the Gaza strip, fighting becomes hand to hand, and house to house in a bid to smash Hamas and its ability to rain rockets on Israeli citizens. There is becoming an almost desperate desire on the part of the IDF forces to get in, wrap Hamas up in an inescapable package, and get | Read More »

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    Israel’s Forgotten Soldier

    In 2006 Israel was plunged into a war with Hezbollah (The Party of God) in Southern Lebanon. However, how many people remember why that conflict started? We all remember how it ended. Israel was left with doubts about its military ability to defend itself for the first time in its history. It ended up not going well at all. The conflict in Southern Lebanon was | Read More »

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    Barack Obama’s Hypocritical Stance Toward the Israel/Hamas Conflict

    Barack Obama hasn’t even taken office yet, and Congress is mulling over his plans for an economic stimulus plan.  He’s issued several statements from “The Office of the President-Elect” several times on his plans to get the economy back up and running.  Heck, he’s even trying to pull off the greatest con job by telling us that building bridges will create millions of new jobs. | Read More »

    On the Ground in Gaza

     Please welcome Dr. Barry Rubin, head of the Herzliya, Israel-based GLORIA Center, to the front page at RedState. -Jeff Tel Aviv, Israel — Israel didn’t want to attack the Gaza Strip from the ground or from the air. Hamas, which had long broken the ceasefire, canceled it altogether. Then it began large-scale attacks on Israel. This is a war of defense. And it is being | Read More »