A Christmas Carol

    We interrupt this program, off season … While America is in political tumult, something amazing just happened.  We watched Monday efficient, effective, and smiling Russians help a Russian, an American, and a Canadian out of a space capsule of most ancient design, returning them from the International Space Station (ISS) to Earth after well-over a hundred days in space. Commander Chris Hadfield of Canada recorded | Read More »

    So… we’re abandoning the International Space Station?

    Looks like that might happen.  Only ‘temporarily,’ of course. Astronauts may need to temporarily withdraw from the International Space Station before the end of this year if Russia is unable to resume manned flights of its Soyuz rocket after a failed cargo launch last week, according to the NASA official in charge of the outpost. Mind you, ‘temporarily’ in bureaucrat-speak means ‘a unit of time | Read More »