I Vote for America

    I think McCain needs to change tactics here and get back on track.  “Issues” obfuscate reasonability.  A long-standing Truth is obvious, campaign rhetoric serves political expediency, but only Integrity propels Action.  I have read 3-4 sixty+ pages of analysis from various Economic think-tanks that are dissecting both Obama’s tax and economic plans, as well as McCain’s.  These Economists can’t really come to much of a | Read More »

    Watch out for your 401K’s

    It is my understanding that it is in discussion that the government will take our 401K and put them into the Social Security. Give you 3% on them, send you a check of how much they want to along with your social security check. When you die they will keep 50% of your money. To hell with your heirs. Remember that OBAMA wants to incorporate | Read More »

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    Am I missing something, or are the polls just wrong?

    On this “…spread the wealth around…” statement:I think the important nugget in this, essentially, socialist message should be revealed. It is an Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Franks/ big spending government plan that takes money from people who have earned it so it can redistribute it in the form of the big government social programs Democrats are so fond of (moreover, with no effective checks or balances). I think people | Read More »

    Obama’s Economic Plan????

    I don’t understand the socialist views of Obama. As defined in the dictionary “Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.” Is that not what he is trying to do with his wealth distribution? Welfare is a harsh word and | Read More »

    “War Is Not The Answer” Bumper Stickers

    One thing holding the US up from an Iraq pullout is the fact that we destroyed their armored forces. Appears the US is about to rectify that;http://tinyurl.com/3gknah quote: On July 31/08, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced [PDF] Iraq’s formal request to buy M1 Abrams tanks, well as the associated vehicles, equipment and services required to keep these tanks in the field. It is | Read More »

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    padding the polls HYPE Style

    CAUTION THIS COULD BE A CONSPIRACY THEORY/PARANOID IDEATION/OR JUST PLAIN BULL BUT it could be the truth people just don’t want to here.IF YOU MANIPULATE THE NUMBERS ENOUGH THEY”LL TELL YOU ANYTHING. EXAMPLE The national polls are being padded by the socialist operatives supporting obama for president, using phone calls that ask for your name then hang up counting it as a positive vote for | Read More »

    Does Webster’s Know About This?

    I’ve been reading Redstate for several years now, and have been a registered member for just over a year and a half. Up until now I have been content to read the fine analysis of other writers on this blog far more loquacious than I. However, I read an article that I had to comment on. The headline and first paragraph drew me in, and | Read More »

    Missouri Ballot Initiatives

    This November 4 there are many other issues on the ballots beside who the next President is going to be. There are countless other politicians up for election (U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressman, Governors, etc.). Many states also have ballot initiatives to consder. Missouri is one of those states. Five ballot initiatives will be on your plate in two weeks. Below is a run down of | Read More »

    A Simple Choice

    McCain is going to freeze spending, keep taxes low, confront the threat of global warming, and make America energy independent. On the other hand, Obama plans to raise capital gains taxes. We are not likely to have much in capital gains because of the economic crisis caused by liberals Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, as well as Obama’s financial advisors and campaign contributors that ran | Read More »

    My Own Version Of Who Barrack Obama Really Is

    MY CONCERN IS SIMPLY THAT: I really don’t know enough about Sen. Obama to make an educated decision as to why I should cast my vote for him. Although, on the surface, he seems to be what we need in Washington, but my intuition tells me that he is TOO GOOD to be TRUE and, therefore, as a means of determining whether my concern has | Read More »

    Joe the Plumber and the End of Capitalism

    It seems we can now put a face to the average American out there, and his name is is Joe Wurzelbacher. Joe is a plumber from Ohio who got the chance to speak to Barack Obama as he was campaigning there, and had a few questions regarding Obama’s tax policies. Joe is about to buy his own plumbing business, having worked for years to get | Read More »


    First Degree Murder is defined as a death resulting from a premeditated act. How does abortion not fit this description? If someone were to attack and kill a pregnant woman, they could concurrently be charged with the death of the unborn child as well. Why is it any different for a woman to knowingly and purposely end the life of her unborn child? As a | Read More »

    The Socialist Agenda

    When will America open it’s eyes to what is really at stake in this election? A vote for Barack Obama is an endorsement of the socioeconomic policies of Karl Marx, and the ideals of communism as a whole. The tax policies Obama proposes are a textbook example of the redistribution of wealth that is required in the implemintation of a socialist econonomic system, and will | Read More »

    How two quotes from a Nazi explain the Obama phenomenon

    In 2008 we have seen the media in this country manipulate public opinion as never before. In their eyes Barack Obama can do no wrong. The man who invented propaganda to control public opinion was Joseph Goebbels,Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. His chilling words sound like CNN in 2008. They also warn us what America will be like in 2009 if Obama is elected. Two quotes | Read More »

    “The Viscount Discount”

    The American Thinker has a published article today titled: “An Open Letter From the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley to Senator McCain About Climate Change and Policy”. This is brilliantly written and = both an educational beat down and at the same time a formal plea to McCain to get a clue regarding the myth and hoax called *”Man Made Global Climate Change” *andThe devastating global | Read More »

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