I am a huge supporter of John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin! Long ago I was a Democrat then when I really started listening to the views I noticed I started voting Republican. As I have watched this election I have noticed that Mr. Obama has denied and not been completely honest with his assosications. I find this very disturbing. I feel that if he | Read More »


    I understand the election has a lot of important topics, wars, economy, housing crisis, etc… But has everyone forgotten the importance of stopping illegal immigration and creating strict new immigration laws to protect the American people? Immigration is big picture security for the United States of America. I had a liberal friend just send me this video. As you can see the liberals have | Read More »

    Obama’s Fair Economics

    It is a strange phenomenon that often happens in politics whereby some dialog evolves and arrives at a talking point that somehow is accepted as fact. After it is repeated enough and it goes unchallenged long enough, people just accept blindly that it is true. This is the case when it comes to the talking point that Bush is somehow responsible for the economic crisis | Read More »

    The wages of “Free Market Socialism”

    Over the past few weeks I have been trying to understand the financial crisis (as I expect many have). It is easy to blame the housing downturn, as that is most likely the immediate cause that popped the bubble, but as I have looked into how we got where we are today, it strikes me that the true causes are more fundamental than the issue | Read More »

    Important McCain Palin Info

    I have listened to the dabates and it is aparent that all McCain wants to do is personal attacks instead of talking about the issues at hand. I want to know about real issues that we face. I live in Ohio and I also work in the same building as the McCain Palin office. I am very upset at the things I have seen that | Read More »

    why it’s Important to understand Obama’s past

    Some statements have been made that it is not important to discuss Obama’s past. WAKE-UP PEOPLE, a person’s past will tell you how they will approach the future, Obama’s values will not change because he walks in the white house – so beware of how Obama’s welfare/socialist mentality will affect your future. *Please read the following history *and these are facts with back-up research. Research | Read More »

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    Give this speech Mr. McCain and you win Florida

    Barack Obama is always attacking John McCain for his vote to go to war in Iraq. He always says that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11 so there was no reason to go to war. If McCain says the following,Jewish voters will come over to his side in droves and he wins Florida. “I must remind Senator Obama that terrorists were present in | Read More »

    A Teachable Moment

    School Field Trip to Teacher’s Lesbian Wedding Sparks ControversySource “First-graders in San Francisco took a field trip to City Hall to celebrate the marriage of their lesbian teacher on Friday, but opponents of same-sex marriage in the state say the field trip was an attempt to “indoctrinate” the students, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The field trip was suggested by a parent at the Creative | Read More »

    Why I am Here at the RS-REDSTATE Blog

    Today’s 2008 Election is in my lifetime the most critical I’ve seen and been a part of, as I’ve voted in every election since I turned 21 in 1966! Our nation is at a crucial crossroads, depending upon what the American people decide by election day, November 4, 2008. This will be concerning both, who will be our next U.S. President, and who will continue | Read More »

    Cost of Living Increase Under Obama’s Tax Increases

    As I walked down the grocery isle this weekend I began to look at all the brand names of products on the shelf and I it occurred to me that almost all of these companies would be those that make over the $250,000.00 marker that Obama has laid out in his tax increases. With a family of four to support, my wife’s and my cart | Read More »

    Presidential Character

      It is a person’s character, past associations, and record that is the first issue for both candidates.The US congress decided the issues it takes up in legislation. The president can push ideas , but will get only as far as the congress will allow.When I was growing up my mom taught me that your character was shown by the company you keep, and your | Read More »

    McCain is not the head of the Secret Service. It’s not his job to protect Obama

    The press undermined Hillary Clinton’s nomination to promote Barack Obama. As early as January,just after the Iowa primary,they were suggesting she should drop out of the race. Since that day their idolatry of Obama has grown. No other candidate in history has been so protected by the press as Obama has been. If Bill Clinton had ever published a book where he admitted smoking cocaine | Read More »

    In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

    Something has been really bothering me of late. When I try to talk with anyone who is an Obama supporter and share some of my concerns regarding him, they just lose it and begin to go wacko on me. Its like they just freak out and the next thing I see is such an out pouring of hatred and anger or I get the dismissive | Read More »

    Federalism and the future

    Looking forward, I feel that conservatism (and liberalism, although it is not the focus of this work) is at a cross-roads. Many worry about the youth and their embrace of the siren’s song of modern liberalism, and yet manage to miss one of the key facts that will need to be dealt with going forward. Times are changing. This is not 1980, nor is it | Read More »

    Stop Unprotected Debating.

    We all know that unprotected sex is a risky, dangerous thing, in most contexts. Usually, it leads to bad things happening. As of late, I’ve come to discover a new phenomonon that seems even more dangerous: Unprotected Debating. For some reason, John McCain has been engaging in too much of it recently and the results have been as expected. What is unprotected debating, you ask? | Read More »