Nine Blind Mice

    The Supreme Court does not hear all cases that are brought to their attention. Take these latest two cases. The first case involved the Natural Resources Defense Council’s attempt to block the Navy’s use of sonar in their antisubmarine warfare exercises on the coast of S. California, citing the deleterious effects on whales (evidently someone’s watched Star Trek IV too many times). Another caseinvolved David | Read More »

    Weighing in on Racism

    I often contemplate certain words and their meaning, and I am often taken aback by how loosely or carelessly some words are used today. Racism is such a word, and I have never in my life ever taken the word lightly or its meaning. Too many people have suffered terrible things because of it. It is a terrible word, an awful word, a word that | Read More »

    Obama will be an hors d’oeuvre for Putin

    The next President will have enormous problems in foreign policy. A resurgent Russia. An Iran which may soon possess nuclear weapons. A North Korea whose leader Kim Jong IL nearly died last month. His death would bring even more instability to this troubled nation. Experts believe that Kim’s successor will be even more hostile to the West,even more militant. Since North Korea already has nuclear | Read More »


    OBAMA IS A RACIST!!WHO IS “OUR”? “This is “our” moment” and “This is “our” time” The above two phrases, in bold all caps, are on the outside front of the envelopes in which I receive weekly letters from Obama, soliciting money for his presidential campaign. “This is “our” moment” and “This is “our” time” The letter contained in the subject envelope contains phrases like; “justice | Read More »

    Obama was not born in the USA [Closed and annotated.]

    [IF MY ANNOTATION IS REMOVED AGAIN, THE POSTER WILL BE BANNED. This post is closed: I don’t care if it’s for real or fake, we don’t do conspiracy theory stuff like this here. Period. End stop. – Moe Lane] **My question to our government is why hasn’t Obama’s place of birth been made public? If he is not a national born citizen he is ineligible | Read More »

    Common Cents

    As I sit here thinking over the debate that just took place, it is very clear that Obama has placed all of his eggs for his entire campaign into three simple baskets. Everything, and I mean everything, he has promised he will do rests upon these three simple things. We are going to look at them together so we can truly understand them, and then | Read More »

    The Lost Issue of Education

    There has recently been a great tug-o-war over the relationship of Obama and Ayers, and with good reason. However, as new information about this relationship has come to light, there have been some equally disturbing facts that have also surfaced. The one I am speaking about is about education and American’s getting to see exactly what Obama means when he talks about education reform. Not | Read More »

    Obama will ride white guilt to the White House

    For four years it was believed that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for the White House. Suddenly last January almost all the leading Democrats came out and endorsed Barack Obama. This is a man who has been in the Senate for three and a half years, but has campaigned for the Oval Office almost exclusively for two of those years. In reality he | Read More »

    McCain Campaign Must Press Obama on Foreign Policy Naivete

    In August, 2007, while speaking at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars *in Washington, D.C., Senator Barack Obama indicated a willingness to invade Pakistan’s sovereign territory to pursue terrorists, whose location becomes known through “actionable intelligence.” Now, running from such a brazen statement, his campaign would quickly point out that such position was conditional — *only if *the terrorists were present in the mountains | Read More »

    Marxism and Obaba

    For thoes of you who want to learn more about Obama’s past and his Marxis associates go to This is Investor’s Business Daily. I located it through Glen This will really open your eyes as to who Obama is and what he stands for. Omaba and Michelle’s background as community organizers proves they are for socialism and follow the teachings of Saul Alinsky, | Read More »

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    Bush and Obama-Two peas from the same pod

    When German troops invaded Poland in 1939 to start World War II,an American diplomat said, “If I’d only had a chance to talk to Hitler,this could have been prevented” ! There are some diplomats and leaders so naive that they actually believe that. There is no need to talk to the Hitlers of the world. They perceive that as weakness in their adverary’s part. The | Read More »

    Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin did a wonderful job last night. She did not lose her cool, and stuck to the facts, and acted on a professional level. I did not like it that Gwen Ifill was the moderator, but for the most part, she seemed to play it fair. Except I heard she told Biden he did a great job, and didn’t tell Sarah the same. God | Read More »

    blah truth!

    I wish that people would be a little more involved in learning about the candidates before they decided to vote. Pleae know the positions the candidates support. Do researsh to see the complete context of comments and other things. Don’t take things at face value! Yeah, Obama will probably get the service men and women home quicker, but at what cost to them? What will | Read More »

    Obama and Reparations

    For more than a century leaders of the black community have been demanding that the government pay all blacks the income that their ancestors would have earned if they had not been slaves. This is what is called reparations. Slavery was truly horrendous and a stain on America’s history,but it ended in 1865 ! Reparations to Japanese-Americans is always cited as a reason why blacks | Read More »

    Modifying Residential Mortgages: Obama’s Policy Failure

    (To preface, I just had to write this; it’s been eating at me since I first heard it mentioned months ago, and it’s particularly relevant as the bailout is being reconsidered. I may also try and have this printed somewhere, because I think it is important. The intention was to pull all partisan politics out of the piece, and to focus solely on the issue | Read More »