Ivory Coast Vacation? Aahh don’t think so Tim.

    Foxnews, dateline reports—“ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast– United Nations and French helicopters have fired rockets on the residence of Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo, who is holed up in a bunker, residents said Sunday. You have no doubt been hearing and reading about this story. Note Fox identifies Gbagbo as strongman Laurent Gbagbo; a rather derisive designation bordering on an ad hominem mugging. The Fox story goes | Read More »

    Another useless speech by Obama.

    From I Hate The Media As you may have read the not so small African country Côte d’Ivoire or the “Ivory Coast” is experiencing a dirty little war following a 2010 election in which the incumbent ruler Laurent Gbagbo lost to challenger Alassane Ouattara but has called the election a fraud and refused to step down. Now under the useless supervision of the French and | Read More »