Gun Violence – It’s an oxymoron

    As most people who watched even a small portion of any football game this weekend can attest to, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend before committing suicide in front of his head coach and general manager. However, the liberals have sounded that clarion call once again for gun control. Bob Costas went on a rant during his halftime segment about the need | Read More »

    Rush gets real apology from Whitlock

    Jason Whitlock has long been one of this Rush Dittohead’s favorite sports and social commentators, so it was with much chagrin when he wrote a column during the recent Rush-NFL Rams-bid controversy repeating false racist statements to Limbaugh and his Excellence in Broadcasting “network”. But I am not surprised that the Kansas City Star reporter has redeemed himself: Let me first apologize to Rush Limbaugh. Last | Read More »