So Much For Contacting My Congressman

    Here’s a comment from Jay Inslee’s health care townhall meeting in Edmonds, Washington, that doesn’t really have anything to do with health care. Um, so, first of all, I wanted to say thank you to Jay Inslee personally because I always appreciate that you always write people back when they email you. I’m just going to say that this woman has very low standards for | Read More »

    Lies, Half-Truths and Talking Points, Part I

    I attended Congressman Jay Inslee’s health care townhall meeting in Edmonds, Washington, on August 31st. It was my first townhall meeting and probably gave me impossibly high expectations for any future townhalls I might attend. My estimate is that there were over 2,000 very engaged people packing the gym at Edmonds-Woodway High School. At first glance, it appeared that people supporting a government or single-payer | Read More »

    What’s The Point?

    Congressman Jay Inslee has scheduled two health care townhall meetings with his constituents. Given the cowardly behavior of other legislators across the country, he’s to be commended for doing so on his own initiative. Unfortunately, given his recent statements, it’s unlikely that he’s really interested in hearing what his constituents have to say, unless, of course, they’re likely to vote for him in the next | Read More »

    Some Constituents Are More Equal Than Others

    Here in the Soviet of Washington, our elected officials skew heavily to the left so those of us who call ourselves conservatives are accustomed to them saying and doing things that make us want to bang our heads on our desks in frustration. Who can forget, for example, Patty Murray’s glowing tribute to Osama bin Laden or Jim McDermott’s trip to Baghdad in the run | Read More »

    WA-01 Jay Inslee

    Jay Inslee(D) is our US Representative in the 1st District. He was originally elected to the House in 1992 from the 4th District, but proved too liberal for his Central Washington constituents and was defeated by Doc Hastings after one term. After moving to the west side, he ran for Governor in 1996 but was defeated in the primaries by Gary Locke. In 1998, he | Read More »

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