Local Politician Profile: JB Jennings (R-MD)

    J.B. Jennings is a recently elected conservative Maryland State Senator. The former Delegate from the 7th Legislative District, Jennings stuck to his self-imposed term limits and decided not to run for reelection in 2010. Instead, he had the opportunity to run in the seat that became open when Andy Harris ran for Congress. Outside of his governmental experience, Jennings has a varied background ranging from | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: J.B. Jennings (R-MD)

    J.B. Jennings is a Delegate from the 7th Legislative District in Maryland who was elected in 2002. A believer in term limits, Jennings would not run for another term this year. With his Senate seat open via Andy Harris’ bid for Congress, Jennings decided to run for State Senate. Jennings has a background in public service and the private sector that is interesting – from | Read More »