In Support of Jeb Bush for the United States Senate

    On Friday, when we first gave voice to the idea of Jeb Bush for United States Senate, a number of readers and others opined against the idea. The general refrain was “We’re tired of Bushes.” There were some additional “amnesty” and “offshore drilling” chants thrown in, as well. Let’s address these. “We’re Tired of Bushes.” It is a rather noxious notion in a democracy that | Read More »

    Jeb Bush to Run for Senate!!!

    OK, so technically, he’s only “Considering” a Senate run, as you can see here: But there is no way in hell he would ever say he was “considering” a run a mere few hours after Martinez announced he wasn’t seeking re-election if he weren’t virtually 100% certain he was going to run. I’m guessing this was planned. I know he’s gotten some flack around | Read More »

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