Attacking the “One-Half-of-one-third” Excuse

    Many establishment Republicans justify their complete lack of responsibility (read “power”) in the current legislative environment by saying, as Jeb Bush did recently, that “If you control one-half of one-third of leverage in Washington, D.C., your ability to influence things are also relative to the fact that you have one-half of one-third of the government.” As with Common Core, Jeb Bush is wrong here too. | Read More »

    Today is a great day

    What a great day. One of the chief rino’s, Mel Martinez, announced he is retiring from the Senate. Goodbye Mel you were never a republican anyway Mr. amnesty for illegals. With this great news Floridians have reason to hope for a positive outcome as we have some strong conservatives who could run for the seat. Jeb’s name has to be mentioned, he was the best | Read More »

    Now that you bring it up

    John McCain has a 88% rating from Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, while Barack Obama limps to a paltry 18%. Nancy Pelosi beats Obama with an embarassing 14%. Clinton & Biden got zero ratings! It’s a wonder these folks keep getting re-elected. Take a look at the voting records. This is what McCain must hammer home! The US must stop spending or we will | Read More »