Jeff Frederick Should Go Away Quietly. Bob McDonnell Must Offer Up A Conservative Alternative.

    I have taken a special interest in the Republican Party of Virginia’s Chairman controversy. Let me tell you why.I moved to Macon, Georgia in 1993, to attend Mercer University. I had been politically active, but despite a conservative leaning campus there were no outlets for politics on campus. Consequently, I started the College Republicans at Mercer.A couple of years in, the University of Georgia, which | Read More »

    Frederick is Out

    The word is Jeff Frederick has been removed from the RPV chairmanship by two votes. Was there foul play? I can’t say (and really, Ben doesn’t exactly have Republicans’ best interests at heart). But if there is any truth to it, then the convention will be most interesting to watch. I suspect that long before then, however, conservatives with longer vision will get behind another | Read More »

    Rumors of Resignations and Replacements for Frederick

    Jim posts the latest rumor that Jeff Frederick will resign as RPV chair by the end of the week. My understanding from discussions I’ve had is that Frederick may indeed have reason to resign. Jim also notes some of the names that have been bandied about for a Frederick replacement. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but include folks like Jay Hughes and | Read More »

    What Comes After Frederick?

    Jim Hoeft at Bearing Drift has the text of a letter from Bill Howell, Kirk Cox and Sam Nixon asking that Jeff Frederick be removed as RPV chairman. While I continue to find the public release of such letters entertaining, and useful, they do serve their intended purpose: tightening the noose around Frederick. Erick makes a case that Shaun Kenney would be a solid replacement | Read More »

    Shaun Kenney for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia

    On Friday the Directors of this site called on the Republican Party of Virginia to boot RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick. We understand the reasons the conservative grassroots have stuck with Jeff. The moderates and liberals in the Virginia GOP have degraded the party, created internal infighting that has decimated the party’s power in the state, screwed the conservatives, raised taxes, collaborated and conspired with the | Read More »

    Virginia’s Congressional Republicans Unite to Call for Jeff Frederick’s Ouster

    Wow. All five of Virginia’s Republican members of Congress have joined the call for state party chairman Jeff Frederick’s exit. . . . U.S. Reps. Randy Forbes, Frank Wolf, Rob Wittman, Bob Goodlatte and the second-ranking Republican in the House, Eric Cantor, signed the letter. They join the Virginia Senate GOP’s caucus and Bob McDonnell. Now here is the problem: the conservatives in the Virginia | Read More »

    The Frederick “Indictment”

    Bob Lewis gives the world a look at the charges made against Jeff Frederick by those who seek his removal from the RPV chairmanship: —Spent party money for unbudgeted purposes without consent from either the central committee or the executive committee; —Gave central committee members little or no time to review the proposed 2009 budget in December, failed to complete either a show-of-hands or roll-call | Read More »

    Jeff Frederick Must Go

    “Frederick … has done what no one thought possible — he has driven the Republican Party of Virginia further off the road.” There is an election in Virginia this year for Governor. For the past eight years, the Governor’s Mansion has been in Democratic hands and the state has drifted left. This year, the Republican Party of Virginia is united around a gubernatorial candidate, Bob | Read More »

    McDonnell’s Role Grows in the Frederick Saga

    The WaPo’s Tim Craig throws fuel on the fire in what is becoming an almost MacBeth-like effort to remove Jeff Frederick as RPV chairman. Consider this about GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell: McDonnell injected himself into the debate to help undermine Frederick. In a statement last week, McDonnell said it would be helpful for the Republican Party of Virginia to have more effective leadership. On | Read More »

    The Noose Tightens for Frederick

    With the news that six GOP Senators are now calling for RPV chairman Jeff Frederick to step aside, one wonders just how much of a chance he has of remaining in place: “An overwhelming majority of our caucus has expressed grave concern over the state of affairs at the Republican Party of Virginia in recent months and has lost confidence in Del. Frederick’s leadership,” the | Read More »

    McDonnell and Frederick Speak

    Ryan Nobles at NBC 12 here in River City (Richmond, to you out of towners) has the statements of both GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and RPV chairman Jeff Frederick on today’s events. First, from McDonnell: “I am aware of the grassroots effort initiated by the State Central Committee to seek new leadership at the Republican Party of Virginia. This process is being handled within | Read More »

    The Frederick Plot Thickens Yet Again

    Now Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell is calling for RPV chairman Jeff Frederick’s head: “It is clear to me, after hearing from Republican leaders across the state, that as we move forward with our campaign, as well as the other statewide and House of Delegates races, it would be helpful for the Republican Party of Virginia to have more effective leadership in this pivotal year,” | Read More »

    The Frederick Saga Deepens

    Jim Riley’s sources say Jeff Frederick has no intention of leaving his post as RPV chairman. I suppose that’s admirable, and really, not unexpected. This, however, was interesting: Those same sources say that Del. Morgan Griffith is whipping the vote count on SCC to make sure that there are at least 20 votes in support of Jeff so as to defeat the attempt to remove | Read More »

    The Circular Firing Squad Finds a Target

    After an aborted attempt to remove Jeff Frederick as RPV chairman at its December “Advance,” it seems as though the discontented are, again, telling Frederick to go, and with a 30 day deadline to do so. Even better are the proposed replacements — Tom Davis and former Del. Paul Harris. It is to laugh. There may be plenty of solid reasons to remove Frederick from | Read More »

    140 Characters to Start a Frenzy

    Every legislative session comes with a giant, hidden pinata, waiting to burst open and send countless parties scurrying for the goodies inside. Yesterday, the pinata exploded as it seemed, for a moment, that there might be a power-sharing agreement about to be announced in the Senate. Interesting. And really, considering the timing, right as bills crossover from one chamber to the other, potentially huge (not | Read More »