AIM: Obama’s Jewish Problem

    AIM on Facebook | Twitter From Accuracy in Media‘s Shana Weitzen: Last week’s POLITICO front page article entitled, “Obama may be losing the faith of Jewish Democrats,” caught the attention of numerous media publications. The POLITICO journalist, Ben Smith, mainly based his piece on Obama’s foreign policy speech on April 27, 2011, when he publicly declared, “The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based | Read More »

    An Absolutely Obscene Bumper Sticker

    Those who don’t know me, I’m somewhat of a rarity: 110% American, Conservative, I bleed the Constitution, Bill Of Rights and The Flag. I’m also Jewish, a big-time NASCAR Fan and Gun Owner (just picked up another nice one – Remington 870, all black, 20″). When I saw the photo below, I cried – I’m not ashamed to admit that in an open post either. | Read More »