Emerging Consensus that LBJ Killed JFK?

    More than a thousand books have been written on the John F. Kennedy assassination, yet there remains much controversy as to what happened that day in Dallas. To the casual observer, the Warren Commission’s narrative of three shots in six seconds by a lone gunman may appear to be plausible. Search a bit below the surface, however, and you find many inconsistencies that call into | Read More »

    Stranded at the gates of Paradise

    Of course there’s a big tug-of-war over the legacy of JFK on the 50th anniversary of his assassination.  He’s a sainted figure on the Left, holding one of the highest seats in their pantheon, even though conservatives have accurately pointed out that several of his policy stances were far more in line with modern-day teabagging right-wing extremism.  Both sides can agree that the center of | Read More »

    JFK’s Unfortunate Legacy: The Weaponized American Conspiracy Theory

    Unlike a lot of post-modern Americans, I hold no great love for President John F. Kennedy. Unlike some of my Conservative compatriots; I don’t consider the man Satan Incarnate either. My sum total opinion of JFK could be stated by “Bones” on an old episode of Star Trek. “He’s Dead, Jim.” And regardless of his political impact, that is a sad, sad thing. But what is more tragic is that he hasn’t been allowed to lie in peace. His assassination was weaponized to maximize its political impact and by extension, it has given birth to the tradition of weaponized American conspiracy theories.

    There are some who believe The Single Bullet Theory. Others believe in Camelot. A few believe in both or neither. Sadly, as long as it remains a useful political exercise, there are those who will push political conspiracy theories modeled on what was thrown to the paparazzi swine after the fateful day in Dallas, TX back in 1963. I find this to be a shame – both for The Kennedy Family and for American Democracy.

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