‘What Else Should a Reporter BE’ But a Liberal?

    WARNING… Video Below Fold So what do you get when you mix a Canadian TV hostess with the venerable Helen Thomas? An admission of bias so strong that it could ward off a vampire. Just why the image of the undead first came to my mind is anybody’s guess, but there you have it. On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation morning TV interview show called “Sun | Read More »

    We Were Americans Then, and Young

    I OD’d on the Obasm real quick; thirty seconds into The Speech and I’d already recognized lines plagarized from at least three other inaugural addresses and I turned the idiot box off and went on with my life.  After all, the Inauguration is at 8 AM Alaska time and I had a meeting with my State Rep at 9 AM and I had a pretty | Read More »

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    Obama, the antithesis of JFK

    This entry is a discussion on Elisabeth Meinecke’s article “The Anti-JFK” (http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=28937). As a conservative young professional that has recently graduated from a staunchly liberal university, her article resonated with me and I posted it on facebook in order to present a fresh perspective on politics to my many left-leaning peers. In response to many negative comments, I defended my position with this note: I | Read More »

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    Correct me if I am wrong….

    the Cold War didn’t end in the 1960s right? I was reading an article today and came across this paragraph: I am well aware of the widespread conservative view of Obama’s naivete and lack of preparation (Rush Limbaugh stingingly calls him a “man-child”). But I am one of the many who regard Obama as authentically inspirational — as a leader appealing to our better nature | Read More »

    Message to Kennedy Democrats

    As we have been informed via comparison to Barack Obama he is the next JFK. A communicator for the people, and by the people. However, when you compare the spoken word of JFK to BHO’s actions you see anything but that likeness. In fact, for political gain BHO has manipulated his image because so many people may have fond memories of JFK. The two are | Read More »

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    Straight from the JFK Playbook

    I can not find a more elegant way to describe the need for Senator John McCain’s Pro-Growth Tax Policy than those uttered by John F. Kennedy during a speech to the Economic Club of New York on Dec. 14, 1962: “There are a number of ways by which the Federal Government can meet its responsibilities to aid economic growth. We can and must improve American | Read More »

    Senator Obama, You’re No Jack Kennedy

    Despite the change & youth hype, the endorsement of Ted Kennedy, the Kennedy family patriarch, and the obvious similarity (first credible African American candidate vs first credible Catholic candidate), there are striking differences between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John F. Kennedy at this stage in their careers. These are worth looking into. Fathers While it is hard to make Joe Kennedy Sr a truly | Read More »

    Obama: JFK or Tricky Dick?

    Is Senator Barack Obama the next John F. Kennedy or Richard Nixon? This may seem like an odd question given their party affiliation, but simply labeling them Democrat or Republican fails to get at their personalities and styles.

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    Campaign 2008- and That Kennedy Thing (I)

    American presidential elections are fascinating as much for their sociological import as their concrete political issues. So it was intriguing to watch the Kennedys, America’s first explicitly ethnic dynasty, pass the torch to the first African-American presidential candidate. And that does inspire some meanderings down memory lane. Everyone raised in the postwar Catholic neighborhoods remembers the tremendous impact of the John F. Kennedy’s race in | Read More »

    Obama’s Magical Mystery Tour

    After a week of intense media foreplay, Obama has finally embarked on his magical mystery tour. As he boarded the plane that took him on the first leg of his anxiously awaited Middle East and European tour, a pair of uniformed Air Force officers saluted simultaneously, as they do each time President Bush boards Air Force One. As the media-anointed President in waiting, Obama is | Read More »

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