Where Have All the Tough Guys Gone?

    Graham Amdt. No. 501 As Modified This amendment transfers the STD prevention and smoking cessation program money to an FDIC mortgage foreclosure prevention program. rejected by a vote of 57-39 the 57 nay votes included 3 Rs Sen. Bunning Sen. Collins Sen. Snowe the 39 yea votes included 3 Ds Sen. Conrad Sen. Dorgan Sen. Feingold Sen. Baucus says passage of the amendment would affect | Read More »

    Campbell Brown Cavorts With Felons

    Campbell Brown is at it again. Having bashed Sarah Palin from the moment she was picked, Brown is out bashing Palin for going after Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers. Brown writes, “To say, as Gov. Sarah Palin is now doing, that Barack Obama pals around with terrorists is just outrageous.” Why exactly is that outrageous? Obama worked for Ayers. Obama fundraised in Ayers’ house. Obama | Read More »