Cramer gushing over Obama again? Yes and no.

    Jim Cramer of CNBC is once again taking a lot of heat for… well, being Jim Cramer. This week, it’s his great enthusiasm over Obama’s performance at the CNBC Town Hall meeting, the one in which by most accounts the President was tepid at best, and was much more memorable for the comments from the audience (in particular, Ms. “I’m exhausted of defending you”). But before diagnosing Cramer | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse: “These Economists Are a Joke”

    Say what you will about Jim Cramer.  (Everyone does.)  His opinions may be as changeable as the direction of the market (and are often strongly correlated), but when he has an opinion, he makes no bones about expressing it. For the past week or so anyway, Cramer’s been rather viciously against the Obama Administration’s direction, so much so that he’s even made the front page | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, XX: “Are You Kidding Me?”

    Jim Cramer proves time and time again to be such a tease. Every time it looks like he’s going to crack in his lifelong support of the Democrats, he always finds a way to rationalize and/or ignore his way out of the issue. Last night’s tirade may well similarly come to nothing in the end, but it’s worth munching a bag of popcorn over. The | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse XIX: The One-Man Bear Market

    Four. Four anti-Obama rants from Jim Cramer and it still hasn’t been a full 24 hours. “We know that he’s anti-business.  We know that he doesn’t seem to understand the private sector.  We know he may not even… “tack right”… because that would be pandering to the Massachusetts Republicans, whom he obviously hates.” No, go on, tell us how you really feel. Actually that wasn’t | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, XVIII: Oil is Next

    You start to get the idea Jim Cramer had some pent-up rage over that whole Daily Show debacle and his consequential shutting down.  Now he’s up to three anti-Obama articles in less than twenty-four hours. Not a whole lot of terribly profound words this time, not even a readily identifiable Money Quote, but a quickie rundown of what Cramer sees coming: After he’s done ripping | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, XVII: Here we go again

    I don’t know if it was the Scott Brown election, Air America shuttering or any of the seemingly hundreds of other things that have gone wrong for the Democrats this week, but something has loosened Jim Cramer’s tongue with respect to President Obama and he’s starting to let him have it once again. Admittedly, Obama’s choice of target, Goldman Sachs, might be a factor.  For | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, XVI: Making Barney Frank Look Good

    In keeping in line with what I said just the other day about Jim Cramer being unpredictable and sometimes self-contradictory, he is out tonight with a piece bashing President Obama and upholding Congress, after having made it clear that he believed Obama was off-limits to criticism and that therefore Congress would be taking the brunt of his frustrations by proxy. In this case, the Congressman | Read More »

    Cramer in the tank? Not *quite*, Rush

    So I’ve got Rush streaming over my iPhone while running an errand (ain’t technology grand), when he brings up a topic I’ve written a thing or two or fifteen about in this diary, that of one Jim Cramer of CNBC and how he’s handled matters political since being called into Principal Stewart’s office last winter.  Rush basically dismissed Cramer as being back “in the tank” | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, XIII: It’s all Pelosi

    Following CNBC and’s Jim Cramer can be a frustrating experience at times.  Just when you think he’s onto something regarding what’s wrong with the administration, like his proclivity for starting trade wars, the stock market decides to ignore the news, causing Cramer to decide there’s no story there at all. So with that in mind, we’ll have to wait and see how long this | Read More »

    S&P 500 vs Obama’s disapproval: a real correlation?

    First, some background information. In late August, Jim Cramer of Mad Money ran a segment which showed a relationship between the S&P 500 and Obama’s disapproval rating. It first caught my attention at Hot Air, where moderator Ed Morrissey blogged: Sharp investors always look for leading indicators to market shifts, and Jim Cramer thinks he’s found a doozy. After watching this segment, it’s hard to | Read More »

    Gallup mutters about relationship between Dow, approval ratings.

    Clearly in reference to Jim Cramer’s I’ve-been-saving-this-for-months revenge clip* of a few days ago, the Gallup organization would like you to know that there’s no historical relationship between a President’s approval rating and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. None at all. Absolutely zero. Mind you, that wasn’t the argument that got made – Cramer was arguing that this specific President’s disapproval ratings (via Gallup!) were | Read More »

    Cramer’s (Non-)Remorse, XI: “Clunk”

    I’m very appreciative of the positive feedback I’m getting on this series, but I have to caution those optimistic that we are seeing a “conversion” in progress that we’re a very long way away from that.  Case in point, Jim Cramer’s morning article titled, “Don’t Hit the Brakes on ‘Cash for Clunkers’”, written in response to a Wall Street Journal editorial shredding the program. I’m | Read More »

    Cramer’s (Non-)Remorse, X: “Obama’s a Moderate”

    I haven’t had a lot to report on the Jim Cramer front for a little while as the Mad Money host’s mood seems to swing very much in line with the stock market.  When it’s down, he’s angry, when it’s up, he’s ebullient.  I suppose that’s only natural for a professional investor like himself, but he seems to live that song by Billy Joel and | Read More »

    Alcoa Can’t Wait (to Flee the US)

    I’d call this a semi-“Cramer’s Remorse” entry because while I am basing this off a Jim Cramer article on, it’s more an expression of a company’s opinion than Cramer’s. Specifically, the company in question is Alcoa, the giant aluminum company who is traditionally the first major company to report results for a given fiscal quarter.  The second quarter of 2009 was a relatively good | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse

    Jim Cramer, of CNBC’s Mad Money fame, is a die-hard and loyal Democrat.  Make no mistake about that.  But he also has a head for numbers under that big bald forehead of his, and he refuses to pretend when the numbers don’t add up, no matter who doesn’t like it.  And furthermore, he strongly believes in the premise that what is good for business is | Read More »