One Spark Away From Glasnost?

    “Enough! We cannot live like this any longer. Everything must be done in a new way. We must reconsider our concepts, our approaches, our views of the past and our future.… There has come an understanding that it is simply impossible to live as we lived before — intolerably, humiliatingly.” – Aleksandr Yakovlev, Soviet Embassador to Canada. (Foreign So what do the rioting mobs | Read More »

    Taking A Walk On The Sanctity of Contract

    Our recent recession has had a profoundly pernicious byproduct. People have convinced themselves that nobody in banking or real estate can be trusted. In and of itself, this would be evil. Combined with conveniently self-serving moral relativism, it could lethally undermine the system of credit upon which much of our property ownership rests as a basis. Brent T. White, of the University of Arizona, has | Read More »