1099: A jobs program for the IRS and the Post Office

    This President has said for months that jobs and the economy are his number one priorities. ObamaCare has demonstrated his sincerity… just not in the way we might think. While American shores are littered with the carcasses of millions of octopi who sacrificed their lives so that their ink might be used to expound upon the disaster that is ahead, one of the most damaging | Read More »

    Obama destroying businesses BEFORE election too

    Via Face The State, hat tip Michael Brown’s blog (yes, THAT Michael Brown): Sheila Glanville-Conlee, owner and curator of Amoré Antiques on Union Ave., says a Secret Service agent came into her store Thursday morning and told her she had to close her business on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for security reasons. The Obama event is not scheduled to begin until 3 | Read More »