Unintentionally Funny

    This is another video open thread. Post your best clips of something that was unintentionally funny. Here’s my entry, a video from TMRB.tv:We also would have accepted: Video of Edwards Being Taken Seriously in Any Other Context.OPEN THREAD

    You get the impression that the National Enquirer feels that it’s kind of personal at this point.

    After all, it’s not as if they’ve had to do everything except fire the Edwards affair story out of a cannon in order to keep it moving, and in an election year, no less. So now it looks like they’re being cruel (via Hot Air Headlines) in their release of further details – and not just because “cruel” sells tabloids. Apparently, if the regular media | Read More »

    I love a good catfight!

    Howard Wolfson tells ABC news that Hillary would be the nominee if not for the MSM burying the Edwards story.”I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee,” former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson told ABC News.com.I love it!

    Jen Rubin on the MSM’s Latest Failure

    Jen Rubin’s take on John Edwards and the MSM is well worth reading:The Edwards mess is the most recent and visible, but hardly unique, example of the mainstream media’s hear no evil/see no evil approach to newsgathering. How many other stories has the MSM missed, denied or avoided? From Rathergate to Reverend Wright to the success of the surge, the pattern is the same: MSM | Read More »

    The Edwards Story- Why It Matters

    “For a while you try to kid yourself that you’re going with an unmarried man. Then one day he begins to look at his watch…and it all begins to look- so ugly” – The Apartment, 1960The moral issue of adultery is as old as the Scriptures, and the prudent man defers to them when it comes to judging someone else. Which means that we don’t | Read More »

    Mistress’ Family Challenges Edwards…Take Redstate Poll

    Obama: “This is not the John Edwards that I knew”

    As everyone knows, John Edwards admitted yesterday to carrying on an adulterous relationship with a “documentary film maker” while his wife was battling cancer. Yes, we know, as we’ve known since 1992, that EVERYONE commits adultery but the bar of decency and common sense while engaging in adultery has certainly been lowered in the past 24 hours. You can step right across it now.Part of | Read More »

    Blast from the past

    Edwards Suspends CampaignHe does it because his wife has a recurrence of cancer in some degree to be further explored. It is of a piece with his character to do this; and a simple testament that he has the right priorities and values to be a president of the United States. Sorry, Ms Coulter. But this man will be remembered for a character you do | Read More »

    John Edwards Admits Being a Lying, Adulterous Swine

    John Edwards, presumably to cadge a prime time speaking spot at the Democrat Convention, has confessed to 1) carrying on an affair with “documentary film maker” Rielle Hunter and 2) being caught with her in a Beverly Hills hotel last month by reporters from the National Enquirer. The made-for-Oprah confession will happen tonight on ABC. John Edwards repeatedly lied during his Presidential campaign about an | Read More »

    John Edwards lied…

    Sometimes the National Enquirer actually gets it right. John Edwards admits that he lied about the affair with Rielle Hunter. Of course he denies paternity of Frances Quinn Hunter, Rielle’s daughter, even though he hasn’t had a paternity test. Guess he’s not in the running for AG anymore, huh?

    John Edwards Creates Two Americas: One for legit kids. One for illegit kids.

    Streiff noted last night the media is just now paying attention to John Edwards and his baby’s mama.But here’s the thing. Ann Coulter hits the nail on the head.Hey, what sort of “elected official” was Ted Haggard again? He was the Christian minister no one outside of his own parish had ever heard of until he was caught in a gay sex scandal last year. | Read More »

    The Dike Gives Way

    A few weeks ago I was one of the handful reckless enough to write about John Edwards, his mistress, and apparent out of wedlock offspring. I would use the nice old English word but I think I’ll run afoul of our bad word detector.Now the story has made its way into Edwards’s hometown newspaper, but in the context of what this scandal that everyone is | Read More »

    The John Edwards Test

    The Obama campaign and its supporters have been quick to throw around charges of racism when their candidate has been criticized. I propose the following easily-applied thought experiment before evaluating such charges: would Republicans say the same thing about John Edwards?Edwards is not, of course, precisely identical to Obama, but if you were conducting a test for racial bias and needed a white “tester” to | Read More »

    John Edwards Stiffs the Kids, Cancels Scholarships… Hello Media?

    Yes, there are two Americas. The one where John Edwards used to have a scholarship program that he intended to set up as an example for all of America to follow… and the one where he cancels that scholarship program. Is it because he isn’t running for president any more? Since Edwards has other things to do now — like hiding from the media in | Read More »

    John Edwards has a child with his mistress*

    On February 21, 2008, the New York Times ran a 3,000 word article with no sources on the record and a lot of innuendo about John McCain having an affair with a lobbyist.The first paragraph was one sentence. Here is the second paragraph:A female lobbyist had been turning up with him at fund-raisers, visiting his offices and accompanying him on a client’s corporate jet. Convinced | Read More »