Ohio Democrats must be worried

    Because they are really ratcheting up the lame attacks on John Kasich.  First, they offered this lame website making the accusation that Kasich’s job at Lehman Brothers somehow makes him responsible for the firms collapse, the housing bubble, and the general economic crisis. I thought Kasich handled that one best: “Blaming me for Lehman Brothers is like blaming a car dealer in Zanesville for the | Read More »

    Chuck Norris endorses John Kasich

    Cross Posted to Ohio Politics Online Ohio Governor Ted Strickland must have had an odd tingly sensation run up his spine on Monday. Why the sudden sense of fear?  Chuck Norris endorsed John Kasich’s bid for governor of Ohio: John Kasich is running for governor of Ohio. As his website conveys, Kasich is the son of a mailman, who grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood | Read More »

    Great moments in Democratic responsibility.

    Harry S Truman (President of the United States) – his motto: “The Buck Stops Here!“ John F Kennedy (Author of Profiles in Courage, President of the United States) – regarding the Bay of Pigs fiasco: “President Kennedy has stated from the beginning that as President he bears sole responsibility for the events of the past few days. He has stated it on all occasions and | Read More »

    John Kasich: Righting The Ship

    Fox reports that John Kasich aims to “right the ship” as the next Ohio Governor. That item here – with a video of a recent TV interview below. I like Kasich for several reasons. He was a genuine foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution, unlike some who claim the mantle without the resume to back it up. Riding Reagan’s coat-tails was one thing. Understanding the Reagan | Read More »

    John Kasich seeks to Recharge Ohio

    Yesterday I was able to attend John Kasich’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign announcement and rally. And I have to say that, while everyone knows it is a tough road ahead, he started things off very well last night. Ohio seems poised to shake off the ugliness of the past few years with a number of candidates who can excite the grassroots and bring the GOP coalition | Read More »

    Kasich is In for Ohio Governor

    This is great news. Today John Kasich announced his 88 County Statewide Leadership Team for his campaign for Govern……er, Recharge Ohio.Not bad for a guy just ‘flirting’ with running for Governor, eh? More: the team Kasich has put together reads like a who’s who of Ohio Republican leadership. The County Chairmen of the three most populous counties, Doug Preisse (Franklin), Alex Triantafilou(Hamilton) and Rob Frost(Cuyahoga) | Read More »

    It’s Never Too Early To Target A Republican

    You have to give credit to old media. While an Obama appointee who failed to pay his taxes, even after having been reimbursed for the money by his international employer, is dismissed as only a speedbump for an incoming Democratic administration –  speculation that an otherwise successful Republican pol, media personality and businessperson may want to run for Governor of Ohio in 2010 is enough to start drawing misdirected fire his | Read More »

    A Very Good Introduction Video for John Kasich

    I found a great introduction video for John Kasich as a professional speaker that only had 107 views, so I thought I would share it on Redstate. I don’t think there’s a better way to introduce John Kasich as a possible Vice Presidential candidate than this video.

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