State of The Union Preview (all five-hundred-seven seconds!)

    Nobody told me (there’d be days like these)… The older in days I become, the more convinced I am that Goerge Washington‘s District of Columbia’s ruling-class is an amorphous that harkens back to that Democrat-Republican Party. However <~~ that 'dash' has become a euphamism for 'bipartisianship' that #TheMan must need we subjects to believe in, or else. Anywho… for your viewing pleasure, here is tonight’s | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Happy Christmas on Memorial Day

    Perhaps this old song from John Lennon played in President Obama’s head as he gave his recent speech at The National Defense University. It’s decent yet misguided naivete went through mine as I read about The President’s views on our war against Reactionary Islamic Fundamentalism.

    Brett Easton Ellis begins his first novel Less Than Zero with a seeming Red Herring. Blair tells Clay (the anti-heroic protagonist) that “People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angeles.” This, of course, symbolizes the empty, existential ennui that Easton-Ellis posited as a monster poised to devour the children of 1980’s America. I sometimes feel that I live in an era marked by that monster’s triumphant conquest over what was once a great American Nation. I find myself forced against my will to believe the nation I once loved has succumbed to what I once described as “The Evil of The Blur.” I was born here and grew up here. I served in my nation’s armed forces of my own free will. I wasn’t exactly Rambo and never claim to be. However, I loved America without condition. Now I only remain patriotic to the memory and hope in all my delusional vanity that this is what we can again become. Now keep that in mind as you imagine what Osama Bin Laden thought about America on a typical day.

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    John Lennon: Reagan Republican?

    You know, I don’t know if I WANT to check this one out:  the mere fact that there’s a credible source out there claiming that John “Imagine” Lennon* was secretly fond of the Gipper (and couldn’t stand Jimmy Carter – but then, what sane person can?) is enough, in some ways.  The source is Fred Seaman, one of Lennon’s assistants during the last years of | Read More »