Of sheep, wolves, sheepdog… and asses.

    I’m sure I was not alone in exasperation when Barack Obama called Iraq a “distraction” and said Afghanistan is where we really ought to have been focusing our attention the whole time. Internally I felt like rolling my eyes, giving an impatient sigh, and turning to the recalcitrant child and saying, “Yes, you’re right, there’s nothing stopping you from going to the park now that | Read More »

    NAACP Gives McCain A Warm Welcome

    Mark Carlson, reports Senator McCain received a warm welcome at the NAACP Convention: John McCain told the NAACP and some skeptical black voters Wednesday that he will expand education opportunities, partly through vouchers for low-income children to attend private school. [. . .] We will pay bonuses to teachers who take on the challenge of working in our most troubled schools — because we need | Read More »

    Washington Post: Obama “Foolish” and “Irrational” and “Wrong” on Iraq

    First the Post Editorial Board scolded Obama for ducking the townhall debates, after saying he would debate McCain anywhere, any time. Now they think he’s an idiot on Iraq. Welcome to the party boys. Barack Obama yesterday accused President Bush and Sen. John McCain of rigidity on Iraq: “They said we couldn’t leave when violence was up, they say we can’t leave when violence is | Read More »

    Whoo-hoo! JibJab’s got the first ’08 election video.

    {UPDATE} It occurred to me after posting this that the JibJab video below is actually a good example of what satire is supposed to look like (in marked contrast to, say, the infamous New Yorker cover page). If you look at the images associated with each major person (Bush, McCain, Clinton, Obama) you’ll see that they reflect what each person’s opponents actually do say about | Read More »

    Our Apologies Mrs. Clinton

    Well we must apologize… Tonight on Patriot Action Live we wanted to take at least one half of the Hillary Clinton Challenge. On Saturday, appearing before the American Federation of Teachers, New York’s Junior Senator, one time First Lady, and one time Democratic Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton, the candidate that proved it was not only possible to squander a huge lead over her rival, Illinois | Read More »

    John McCain at the NAACP Convention?

    I am most interested to hear what John McCain has to say to the NAACP on Wednesday July 16 between 9:30 and 12:30 Eastern Time. Two years ago, President Bush spoke to that organization. He said “See, I see this as a moment of opportunity,” after B. H. Obama instructed the attendees not to allow the President to ‘bamboozle’ them. The President then said…

    Abortion 08: More then just Judges

    Discussions on how the presidential elections will impact the issue of abortion tend to be focused on what type of Supreme Court Justices the next President will appoint. It is important to remember that the President plays an important role in terms of abortion beyond just judges. This can be clearly seen in the last two Presidents. President Clinton vetoed a ban on partial birth | Read More »

    Why does media discriminate against this senator?

    It’s a touchy point with me, the matter of Sen. John McCain’s age. Media just can’t talk about it enough—the latest is an Associated Press story that (again) explores how voters feel about the matter. Seems like only yesterday the Democratic Party as well as media maintained an obsession with equal rights for all including those who don’t belong to Gen X. The AP story | Read More »

    McCain Touts Role in “Campaign Reform”

    John McCain has begun running a 30 second version of this ad in Ohio and 10 other states, in which he touts his role in “campaign reform.” This is, to my knowledge, his first televised ad to tout, even obliquely, his role in passing campaign finance reform during this presidential campaign. While “McCain-Feingold” did much to harvest good PR for Senator McCain and helped put | Read More »

    A Questionnaire for Candidates & Incumbents

    Each election, candidates are scrutinized from a variety of directions and on an even wider variety of issues. Two issues that shouldn’t be debated, though, are the First Amendment and our nation’s prosperity. With that in mind, every candidate or incumbent nationwide should answer some questions on those subjects. Let’s get to the questions: Do you support reviving the Fairness Doctrine? If you do, explain | Read More »

    Nine Ideas To Jump-Start The McCain Campaign.

    Hi all. I was just brainstorming recently on ideas to help boost McCain’s campaign. Inoticed recently he reshuffled his campaign management, mostly due to pressurefrom the RNC (even though he de facto runs the RNC right now!) and from thisidea that he’s essentially wasted the last 3 months when Obama and Hillary havebeen sparring with each other. Anyways, what follows are my 9 thoughts:

    A New Low

    The Democrats have planned an new “October Surprise” attack ad. According to Senator Inhofe (R-OK), the ad will feature speech clips of Bush, Cheney, and McCain to create the impression that they support unrestricted torture for the Gitmo detainees. These clips will be followed by a clip of a soldier putting electrodes on a bare-chested man hanging on a wall. The prisoner will then jerk | Read More »

    Dumb and Dumber [Closed and annotated]

    [Folks, please remember that this is a website dedicated to promoting conservative and Republican ideals; it’s not a place to advertise your “new” allegiance to the Libertarian Party and its latest paladin, Bob Who? I’m being nice by merely closing this diary, so take the hint. – Moe Lane In this presidential election, what we have to choose from is a travesty. First, there’s Barack | Read More »

    Weeping For Our Future

    As I was mowing my yard this morning, a couple of the neighborhood boys came by and said hello. Cute, innocent, 9 & 7 years of age. As I told them about my time in the Navy, they were enthralled, and at the same time, upset. They then proceeded to tell me why not only the Iraq war is wrong, but all war is wrong. | Read More »

    Nothing succeeds like Success

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report Victory in Iraq is ours (see July 13 below), and, as predicted by Cockstradamus weeks ago, the victory will be declared before the November election. Rooster crowing from from June 22 Accelerated troop level reductions will be announced based on success. For many moons now, this announcer of dawns has been nagged | Read More »