A Questionnaire for Candidates & Incumbents

    Each election, candidates are scrutinized from a variety of directions and on an even wider variety of issues. Two issues that shouldn’t be debated, though, are the First Amendment and our nation’s prosperity. With that in mind, every candidate or incumbent nationwide should answer some questions on those subjects. Let’s get to the questions:Do you support reviving the Fairness Doctrine? If you do, explain why? | Read More »

    Nine Ideas To Jump-Start The McCain Campaign.

    Hi all.I was just brainstorming recently on ideas to help boost McCain’s campaign. Inoticed recently he reshuffled his campaign management, mostly due to pressurefrom the RNC (even though he de facto runs the RNC right now!) and from thisidea that he’s essentially wasted the last 3 months when Obama and Hillary havebeen sparring with each other.Anyways, what follows are my 9 thoughts:

    A New Low

    The Democrats have planned an new “October Surprise” attack ad.According to Senator Inhofe (R-OK), the ad will feature speech clips of Bush, Cheney, and McCain to create the impression that they support unrestricted torture for the Gitmo detainees. These clips will be followed by a clip of a soldier putting electrodes on a bare-chested man hanging on a wall. The prisoner will then jerk and | Read More »

    Dumb and Dumber [Closed and annotated]

    [Folks, please remember that this is a website dedicated to promoting conservative and Republican ideals; it’s not a place to advertise your “new” allegiance to the Libertarian Party and its latest paladin, Bob Who? I’m being nice by merely closing this diary, so take the hint. – Moe LaneIn this presidential election, what we have to choose from is a travesty. First, there’s Barack Obama. | Read More »

    Weeping For Our Future

    As I was mowing my yard this morning, a couple of the neighborhood boys came by and said hello. Cute, innocent, 9 & 7 years of age. As I told them about my time in the Navy, they were enthralled, and at the same time, upset. They then proceeded to tell me why not only the Iraq war is wrong, but all war is wrong. | Read More »

    Nothing succeeds like Success

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight ReportVictory in Iraq is ours (see July 13 below), and, as predicted by Cockstradamus weeks ago, the victory will be declared before the November election.Rooster crowing from from June 22Accelerated troop level reductions will be announced based on success. For many moons now, this announcer of dawns has been nagged by an idea | Read More »

    A McCain Stumble On The Campaign Trail

    Today, I watched for the second time, a clip prominently running on CNN [the satellite is out to Fox News] in which a woman asks the senator why he voted against a bill that would have provided funding for birth control?Sen McCain is clearly at a loss for words, having been confronted about a vote he has cast — one out of thousands — and | Read More »

    Kansas Values…

    Hat tip to the guys at PowerLine…So, Senator Obama wants us to think he represents “Kansas Values” rather than Chicago Machine Politics.

    NASCAR resisted Obama’s Charm?

    AP’s Christ Jenkins recently reported at Sun Mercury Newsthat “Obama passes on potential NASCAR sponsorship”, and I quote: NASCAR’s BAM Racing team has presented Barack Obama’s presidential campaign with a potential sponsorship deal in the Sprint Cup series later this year, but it doesn’t look like an Obama car will be burning rubber on the track anytime soon. BAM team spokesman Rhett Vandiver told The | Read More »

    Conservatives accept MSM mischaracterization of Gramm comments [updated]

    [See updates at the bottom that include Gramm's clarification. h/t to my Race42008.com colleague, Aron Goldman]By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight ReportI refer to McCain economics advisor and former Sen. Phil Gramm’s “whiny Americans about a mental recession” flap. The leftist MSM lives for taking conservatives’ words out of context and fitting it into their template of Republicans’ as | Read More »

    What Does John McCain Believe About Barack Obama?

    Here’s the thing I keep coming back to about this election and what it will take to win it. It’s a point that Hillary Clinton grasped, albeit too late to save her. And it’s an open question about our own nominee and how he will approach the next 116 days.Most people who would consider voting Republican in this (or any) election either like McCain, grudgingly | Read More »