John McCain suffering from political Stockholm Syndrome?

    The Washington Post’s headlines blare Senate Gets Reacquainted with McCain the Maverick. John McCain is at it again, hand-slapping Republicans for delaying Hillary Clinton’s confirmation. Sen. John Cornyn wanted to delay the vote in order to examine Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation foreign donors. McCain publicly scolded Republicans like Sen. John Cornyn for having the audacity to ask questions instead of blindly jumping on the liberal | Read More »

    The Ideal GOP Moderate.

    I have said before, I hate the term “RINO.” I am a conservative, but I don’t like litmus tests because then it begs the question, were does one cease to be a conservative and become a RINO? That being said, I understand and agree with many of the frustrations of moderate Republicans like John McCain, but then I saw a video of a moderate I | Read More »

    So, who will this tick off more?

    [Update: heh. See also bk's diary on the subject.] Obama Reaches Out for McCain’s Counsel WASHINGTON — Not long after Senator John McCain returned last month from an official trip to Iraq and Pakistan, he received a phone call from President-elect Barack Obama. As contenders for the presidency, the two had hammered each other for much of 2008 over their conflicting approaches to foreign policy, | Read More »

    A little disheartening

    I have recently read an article by former Senator Rick Santorum about John McCain being a secret weapon for the Democrats.  I think this story really has me flummoxed.  I know that Senator McCain is a decent man, but the prospect of his collaboration with Obama on healthcare and other issues is hopefully false.  I hope that Rick wrote this piece to warn of a | Read More »

    Arizona GOP update

    It has been posted previously that Gov. Janet Napolitano will be resigning once she is confirmed as The One’s Secretary of Homeland Security, and that Republican Sec. of State Jan Brewer will take over as Governor. Soon-to-be Gov. Brewer has chosen former State Sen. Ken Bennett of Prescott to succeed her as SoS. Bennett was the former GOP President of the AZ Senate, and was | Read More »

    Another post-mortem and Obama’s first look at the national diaper

    Republicans are now evidently in their second month of moping, gnashing, and wringing about what went wrong with their Presidential ticket in November. Why – tell me! – WHY did McCain-Palin lose that race to Obama-Biden? McCain pollster Bill McInturff tells us. Well, he tells USA Today’s Paul Bedard, who, in turns, tells us: Topping McInturff’s list: Obama was the first black presidential nominee and | Read More »

    Olive Branch

    John McCain and Joe Lieberman have written a very good editorial on Iraq policy, in which they point out that thanks to the implementation of the surge and the counterinsurgency strategy–again, let us note that the President-elect and Vice President-elect opposed both of these policies and have not yet admitted error–there is an opportunity for bipartisan consensus to be created at long last when it | Read More »

    President Barack Obama Victorious in Iraq!

    Look for that headline, or a close cousin in February or March. Now why in the world would I say that? Maybe because, as I’ve been accused lately, I suffer from BDS and simply refuse to give George W. Bush credit for anything. Well, while I suppose I could be accused of that (and probably will be, but I really don’t care), that’s just not | Read More »

    Persons of the Year

    As John McCain’s running mate in the election of 2008, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was the GOP sacrificial lamb. McCain never really had a chance of winning the White House. Bamboozeled by Barack Obama into accepting public money for his campaign, the Arizona senator was outspent seven to one by the Democrat, who had agreed to also take public funding, but in the first of | Read More »

    Ready for Another Helping of McCain-Feingold?

    Did the headline put your stomach in knots? I thought so. But after McCain-Feingold (I), McCain-Lieberman, and McCain-Kennedy, it was inevitable that eventually Senator McCain would engage in a bipartisan reform effort that would make conservatives happy, right? Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) are putting their band of reformers back together and hitting the halls of Capitol Hill in pursuit of their | Read More »

    Senator McCain being “McCain.” Offers another strong case for term limits

    Go ahead and say it…Maverick. Will there be any primary opposition for his Senate reelection bid? If so, please inform me. I plan on donating my life’s savings towards his or her campaign. In a surprising rebuke to the warriors who fought for him through tough times, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday sided with President-elect Barack Obama and scolded the Republican National Committee for | Read More »

    McCain may not support Palin in presidential bid

    Most will read entirely too deep into this but it can not help but to raise questions about the whole McCain-Palin affair. At any rate, he is entitled to his choice just as much as the rest of us, I suppose. I guess the most appropriate question would be: Where’s the love Mac? Speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” McCain was asked whether Palin could count | Read More »

    McCain rewards Palin’s loyalty with a shrug

    Today on ABC’s This Week, when asked by host George Stephanopoulos whether he would support Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin if she runs for president, Sen. John McCain punted: “Oh no. Listen I have the greatest appreciation for Gov. Palin and her family and it was a great joy to know them,” McCain said. “She invigorated our campaign and she was just down in Georgia and | Read More »

    Report accuses Rumsfeld of responsibility for detainee abuse

    The Senate Armed Services Committee released a “bipartisan” report accusing former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and his deputies of being the responsible for the plan to use harsh interrogation techniques on captured fighters and terrorism suspects, According the Washington Post, the Committee report, released by Senators Carl Levin and John McCain, rejects the Bush administration’s contention that the policies originated lower down the command | Read More »

    McCain appalled Joe the Plumber

    Who cares, Joe. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and move on.

    I’m not criticizing Joe because he is speaking ill of McCain. I’m sure he is telling the truth.

    My only point is,who cares what he thinks. I mean to listen to him about his “education on politics” as he says in his interview is like taking business advice from someone who one a $million on a scratch off.

    Like I said, enjoy your fame, save the newspaper clippings and move on.

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