Who is the Real Barack Obama?

    If Senator John McCain wants to win the white house he cannot continue to wait for the MSM to give him permission to question Barack Obama’s associations and patriotism. We don’t know for sure where Obama wants to take America because he refuses to share his plans with the rest of the country. The MSM for its part refuses to care and question. I suggest | Read More »

    Our Country Deserves Better

    Starting tomorrow morning, the Our Country Deserves Better PAC will begin its Stop Obama National Tour. They will make their way across this great country of ours holding 2-3 rallies a day in critical battleground states. If you are on their route, go out and join them to show your support for McCain/Palin and America. If you have a little cash, I’m sure they appreciate | Read More »

    New Video On The Economy – Taxman In The Casino

    How to win the argument against Obama’s economic plan… In a nutshell, his plan is frightening!

    Apparently, A Halloween display with KKK McCain chasing Barack Obama is “friendly”…

    Not my choice of word: the local NAACP’s. Via AoSHQ: Halloween display aims for ‘shock value’ CATHARINE — Ron Havens has a reputation for provocative Halloween displays that reflect his strong political views. But even Havens was pretty sure his latest effort was over the top. That didn’t stop him from setting it up in plain sight anyway. Havens, who lives on Schuyler County Route | Read More »

    Joe McCain: “Free John McCain!”

    Joe McCain, the candidate’s brother, wants to fire the campaign’s management because they have kept McCain, and those around him, under wraps, isolated from the media: Joe is particularly critical of top campaign officials (unnamed) who “so tightly ‘control the message’” that they have cut the press off from those who know the candidate best (presumably including his brother). Joe McCain, who notes that he | Read More »

    :sing-song: “A-CORN’S scared of Mc-Cain, A-CORN’S scared of Mc-Cain…”

    Read Michelle’s piece about ACORN throwing out the news that McCain showed up at two immigration reform rallies involving their group, only subtract out her instinctual reaction to immigration issues. You know what you have left? You have a militant, Democratic-allied group dedicated to voter fraud and increasingly in the hot seat, who wants you despondent. That’s what you have. And so they’re going to | Read More »

    It’s the economy, Stupid!

    This was the mantra of Bill Clinton’s campaign. They posted signs in their offices to remind themselves. McCain needs those signs. Any ad McCain run needs to be related to the economy. Obama’s ACORN History: How in trying to help poor Democrats put entire country’s financial system at risk! Obama’s Health plan: How it would kill jobs. How trying to help poor they are threatening | Read More »

    All right, Senator McCain: Let’s talk turkey.

    (Via Jake Tapper) I’m getting damn tired of watching people too scared to push back on firebombs in the night from their own rail on and on about random shouters in crowds, too. When they’re not busy demonstrating that everything that they ever said about feminism (NSFW!) was a lie, of course. So I’m glad to hear that you find it outrageous.

    Turning Anger & Passion Into Action

    I won’t take up valuable bandwidth by posting links – there are a plethora of stories about “angry” McCain/Palin supporters. Also, there is no shortage of stories pushing the mantra that the election is over &, without saying it, Obama is…Inevitable. We’ve heard this little ditty before. “Lifelong” Republicans & conservatives who have seen the light & are going to vote for the Democrat – | Read More »

    Why the League of Democracies will not work

    Senator McCain has proposed a League of Democracies to confront the world’s problems. He feels this would be more effective in dealing with problems than the United Nations whether it comes to dealing with Iran, confronting genocide in Sudan, fighting AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa and working together to solve the crisis facing our environment. While he hopes this will streamline decision making by uniting | Read More »

    Bocephus Sings for McCain/Palin

    Ya’ll know I’m a southern girl by birth, so I’m a sucker for Hank. I spent many college nights with a beer in hand dancing to the original version of this song. Go on over tohttp://hotair.com/archives/2008/10/13/video-the-mccainpalin-tradition/and give it a peek. I think Hank needs to record this and it needs to play with John Rich’s song at every rally McCain, Sarah, or Todd hold for | Read More »

    URGENT! A Gift Greater than Macaca.

    This is on breitbart.tv, which I accessed through The Drudge Report.Folks, this explain’s Obama’s wealth redistribution…..er I mean TAX PLAN in the simplest terms. A plumber asked Obama about his tax plan, and the response was this: It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success | Read More »

    Why I am Here at the RS-REDSTATE Blog

    Today’s 2008 Election is in my lifetime the most critical I’ve seen and been a part of, as I’ve voted in every election since I turned 21 in 1966! Our nation is at a crucial crossroads, depending upon what the American people decide by election day, November 4, 2008. This will be concerning both, who will be our next U.S. President, and who will continue | Read More »

    Interesting McCain/Palin yard sign story

    I live in suburban Wisconsin in a county where it’s probably close to a 55D/45R split but in my town, it will most likely trend towards a 60D/40R on election day since I’m closer to Madison than most of the county.I have an 8 mile drive to drop my daughter off at school and I noticed a couple new McCain/Palin yard signs on my route | Read More »

    Quitters Never Win

    This election is not over. John McCain can still win. The polls are grim but they are in a tightening phase once again. For the past several weeks there have been odd swings where Obama goes way out in front and then slips back. We are currently witnessing another slip back. I’ve decided a couple of things in terms of what polls I will watch. | Read More »