That Was The Week That Was #4.

    After the excitement of the primaries at the start of the week, it was pretty much back to business-as-usual. The same old rhetoric, blame-shifting and outright lies from the doomed Democrats. Joe Biden The howler of the week was courtesy of none other than Joe Biden, gaffe-master extraordinaire. Stating that the economy recovery was slower than he would like, he insisted that we are headed | Read More »

    That Was The Week That Was.

    Another week of unpopular decisions, associated protests by the populace and, at last, some good news (in part) from the Gulf. Elena Kagan Elena Kagan was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday, following a 63-37 vote in favor. Ms Kagan is to be sworn in as the country’s 112th Justice later today. Regardless of her political stance, it is incredible that so many Senators could | Read More »