Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Delaware, DC and Maryland

    There is another Senatorial race in 2012 in Delaware. Democratic incumbent Tom Carper, to read the liberal press in the First State, is not particularly popular. However, this seems to be the mantra every year in Delaware when it comes to a Senate race. The problem for the GOP is that there are few viable candidates to take on these “substandard” Democratic opponents. Thus far, | Read More »

    2010 GOP Hopefuls: Benjamin Lawless

    Maryland’s third Congressional District appears to be a powerful seat to hold. Both of the current sitting Senators formally represented that district. What’s interesting is that prior to the election of Ben Cardin in 2006, both Senate seats were still held by MD-3 alumni. The current occupier of this seat is Congressman John Sarbanes. Sarbanes’ father held this same Congressional seat in the 1970s and | Read More »

    Suggestions to Draft – Susan Schwab

    In 2006, John Sarbanes was elected to Congress in the Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Sarbanes was a lawyer who had high name recognition as the son of former US Senator Paul Sarbanes. His 2006 opponent was Compass Marketting CEO John White, who received over 33% of the vote. In 2008, in a poor year for Republicans, Sarbanes won reelection against an insurance broker with no | Read More »