RS Interview: Jon Golnik (R CAND, MA-03).

    MA-03 is a NE Massachusetts district currently represented by Niki Tsongas – and if you’re wondering who that is, don’t worry: nobody else particularly remembers her, either.  It’s an interesting district: represented by one of the more reflexively liberal Congresswomen in the House, but it has a history of voting for Republicans.  The current Republican candidate Jon Golnik is hoping to capitalize on that; we | Read More »

    Turning Massachusetts Red

    …In this modern campaign era, we are not limited to supporting just the candidates in our own neighborhoods, and Republicans need to realize that the ever-stagnant economy and Obama’s continual failed leadership means many more districts are up for grabs than were in 2008.

    We don’t have to just settle for trying to elect conservatives from red states like Texas. We can play on the Democrats’ turf (or at least what they think is theirs!), and we can win.

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