Former Baucus Aide Complicit in Max Baucus’s Humana Insurance Harassment

    Max Baucus sicks the government on health care companies doing nothing more than educating their customers on the implications of the Baucus bill. On Monday, Mr. Baucus issued a news release boasting of what he described as his efforts to keep the health care debate honest. “Baucus-requested investigation nails insurance scare tactics,” the news release proclaimed.In the news release, Mr. Baucus said that the Centers | Read More »

    Baucus Mafia Stifles Dissent

    I wrote earlier today about the thuggish tactics employed by Washington Democrats to get their health rationing plan passed. Astute readers will note that the name ‘Max Baucus’ seems to pop up over and over – lecturing the Congressional Budget Office on how much the health care bill should ‘cost,’ telling unions what ads they can and cannot air, and warning lobbyists that they need | Read More »