Robert Gibbs May Have Some Competition

    President Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has recieved an F- for his handling of the Obama Public Relations effort by most objective observers.  Maybe President Obama should provide stimulus to Julio Osegueda who currently works at McDonalds in Florida and is a 19 year old student at Edison State College by elevating him into the postion of Press Secretary for the President. Julio wants to | Read More »

    Julio never felt this good

    “except maybe when I got my PlayStation 3 for Christmas,” – Julio Osegueda Yesterday, at Obama’s Town Hall meeting in Fort Myers, Florida, Julio Osegueda summed up the state of the nation in a three minute video clip.  I know I should be crying but I can’t stop laughing.  Please forgive me. Also, in a post yesterday, I believe I wrote that Julio’s question came | Read More »