Don’t touch my junk

      Don’t touch my junk. This means you TSA. Stop the 4th amendment violations. Stop the groping of our sons and daughters, our grandpas and grandmas. Tell me how many terrorists have you been able to catch this way? I’ll answer for you. Not one. None. Notta. Profile. Save the gropes and scans for a chosen few and leave the rest of us alone. Learn | Read More »

    Standard and Poor has just realized what we always knew the NY Times is JUNK!

    Well my friends it has now come to pass that those in the “know” have realized what the rest of this country (not elites around the world) always knew…THE NEW YORK TIMES IS JUNK! It’s really the simple things in life that makes your day! The New York Times has been a POX on America from the beginning and all of these years people would | Read More »

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