Reagan, Obama, and the Just War: What to do with Syria

    The subject matter I would like to go over is the current situation in Syria. Would it be a just thing to do if the United States military stepped in to help the Syrian citizens who have been brutalized the last nine months; and if not do we as a member of the world community have a responsibility to wait until the rest of the world | Read More »

    Osama, Just War, and Afghanistan

    In today’s “Breakpoint” commentary, Chuck Colson says that the war in Afghanistan does not meet the “Just War Doctrine” criteria, and the US should immediately withdraw.  Read his commentary here: I strongly disagree, and wrote the following response: —————————– Chuck Colson, I respect you tremendously, and quote your application of worldview to current events frequently.  You are one of the most potent moral thinkers | Read More »

    A follow-up on Israel

    Jeff “Maximos” Martin replied to my criticism and while I could make a reply over there, I’m doing so here so all you guys will go visit the nice site that they all have there. I’m accused of demanding what Jeff says is not necessary, but I don’t think so. I wasn’t demanding that he make the gestures against terrorism to prove his good faith. | Read More »

    Israel and the Just War Doctrine

    I write today a response to Jeff Martin’s criticism of Israel with respect to the Catholic just war doctrine. I do think he’s in error, because he gives the facts a cursory glance and omits key details, but that only leads to my main criticism: I think he shows a bias against the Israeli side of the war. Firstly though, I address the Catholic Church’s | Read More »