I Can’t Quite Bring Myself To Missing Him Yet

    In honor of the recent opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Keith Hennessey tells us something about Former US President George W. Bush I never would have read in The New York Times.* He teaches an MBA class at Stanford U and one of the aspiring, bright leading-lights in America’s next colossal mortgage meltdown asked him if George W. Bush was smart. Dumb question. Particularly if the student was a snide liberal hoping Mr. Hennessey would him, haw and duck. Hennessey, to his credit, answered below.

    President Bush is extremely smart by any traditional standard. He’s highly analytical and was incredibly quick to be able to discern the core question he needed to answer. It was occasionally a little embarrassing when he would jump ahead of one of his Cabinet secretaries in a policy discussion and the advisor would struggle to catch up. He would sometimes force us to accelerate through policy presentations because he so quickly grasped what we were presenting. I use words like briefing and presentation to describe our policy meetings with him, but those are inaccurate. Every meeting was a dialogue, and you had to be ready at all times to be grilled by him and to defend both your analysis and your recommendation. That was scary.

    So George W. Bush, like most sentient, literate human beings, is smarter than the “smart-set” that ridiculed him in the blogs and the newspapers. Does that mean he was good? Does that mean I miss him yet? I’d say he got a bum rap. Like any intelligent person called stupid by Maureen Dowd or Joe Biden, he was pilloried unfairly unless you believe the old saw that it takes one to know one. But no, I can’t say I quite miss George W. Bush. I explain below.

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    The Pelican Brief

    It appears, using the popular phrase by Kanye West, that our president hates pelicans, and fishermen, and the Gulf of Mexico.  Instead of doing something to fix the continued gush of oil into the gulf, the president is meandering about the country giving endorsements to the Huffington Post and caterwauling against the banks.  This kind of inaction would have caused the lame-brained media to excoriate | Read More »

    On the Art of Channeling Kanye West

    Senator Arlen Specter and his brash temperament are back in the news. The incorrigible Republican-turned-Democrat attended a Pennsylvania Progressive forum Saturday, opposite his primary opponent Representative Joe Sestak, where he stormed the stage prematurely during Sestak’s closing remarks. Explaining why he is best suited both professional and politically for the post, Sestak was unexpectedly greeted by Specter, prompting a moderator to bluntly ask the senator | Read More »

    A Jackass Messes Up

    In an unprecedented prime time event Kanye West, together with Barak Obama, will be appearing on Jay Leno’s new program in a segment called the Rapster and the Shyster. Kanye will provide a hip-hop backdrop while Barry raps out his non-coherent plan for health care reform. The President and Kanye, a huge supporter of Obama, have been old friends from way before the election.  Obama | Read More »

    The Worst Part

    I’ve been thinking about the Kanye West/MTV VMAs incident. As much as it pains me to say it, last night I and most people who talked about it missed the most important point: Kanye West, in a fit of jealousy and anger, took away what should have been one of the highlights of a nineteen year old girl’s life. VMAs don’t matter to me, but | Read More »