Fisking Marx

    Fisking Marx No, I am not referring to Karl Marx who wrote Das Kapital in 1867. I am referring to Reinhard Marx who wrote Das Kapital in 2008. Archbishop Marx’s book carries the subtitle, A plea for the people Reinhard Marx is now archbishop of Munich and Freising. Until January 2008, he was bishop of Trier, the birthplace in 1818 of Karl Marx. Roman Catholic | Read More »

    The Obama Administration Is Not Clueless

    There are so many pundits and journalists who are willing to carry the water for the Obama Administration. They report to their viewers, listeners, and readers that nobody knows for sure what effect the Obama Stimulus Plan is going to have, and if there is a further downturn that it would just be an unintended consequence of this youthful inexperienced team. I do not buy | Read More »

    The Needy Get Something – The Greedy Get Nothing

    The Needy Get Something – The Greedy Get Nothing This is basically the slogan of the Obama Stimulus Plan, and this is why no House Republicans voted for this bill. This is basically a choice between the philosophy of Karl Marx, and the philosophy of Adam Smith. Let’s look at some points Karl Marx made, and translate them into points made by Obama. Karl Marx | Read More »

    The USA Has Its Own Fidel – YIPPEE!

    The USA Has Its Own Fidel – YIPPEE! This past Tuesday night Tavis Smiley interviewed Carlos Moore on the Tavis Smiley Show on PBS. A transcript of this interview can be read here. What I find especially disturbing and vile is this comment by Tavis: There are a couple of things you said in this conversation, Dr. Moore, that I found – at least I | Read More »

    Karl Marx is NOT the Father of Capitalism

    This morning I read an excellent column written by Wynton Hall at TownHall. The title of this column is Karl Marx is not the Father of CapitalismThis article has this opening line – Sen. Barack Obama won for a simple reason: historical amnesia. I encourage everyone to read the entire article. After reading it I was inspired to write this blog with the words of | Read More »

    Karl “Obama” Marx

    I encourage everyone to read the Wiki for Karl Marx. Just the first few paragraphs should be enough to make it clear where Obama is intending to take this country. Here is just a sample. Marx’s approach to history and politics is indicated by the opening line of the first chapter of The Communist Manifesto (1848): “The history of all hitherto existing society is the | Read More »

    Obama’s “health care is a right” and “regulation of banks” remarks note marxist foundation.

    For anyone who didnt catch the debate last night, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain were asked whether they believed health care was a right or a responsibility. Barack Obama responded that it (health care) was a right. I am not sure why this statement did not set off any alarms among the various talking heads off last night. To be sure, it is a | Read More »

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