Kay Barnes on the Fairness Doctrine

    Kay Barnes, the Democrat running against Scott Graves in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District, got a debate question about the Fairness Doctrine. I guarantee you she’d be in line to vote for the Fairness Doctrine even though she sure as heck has no idea what it is. Because, you know, it’s fair. Listen to her: H/t to Insider Online.

    MO-06: Graves Shows Massive Lead Over Barnes

    SurveyUSA has Sam Graves (R) leading Kay Barnes (D) by a commanding 54-36%. Graves (the incumbent) looks to be cruising to re-election. In an election for US House of Representatives in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District today, 10/29/08, six days till votes are counted, incumbent Republican Sam Graves defeats Democratic challenger Kay Barnes 54% to 36%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for KCTV-TV in Kansas | Read More »

    Kay Barnes: She Won’t Be Fooled Again

    A little over a month ago, Jeff Emanuel penned this post: If you’re going to go after Big Oil for gas-price gouging, shouldn’t you, like, know the price of gas yourself? We hit Kay Barnes (Democrat candidate for Missouri’s 6th Congressional District) over her inability to recall what the price of a gallon of gas was in here district.