Going after “Joe the Plumber” is going after the American Dream

    **All of the Obama campaign and Main Stream Media (MSM) criticism of Joe the Plumber is indicative of what Obama will do to the American Dream if elected. Joe does not earn $250K/year. He earns $40K/year. He plans on buying the plumbing business where he currently works. That business currently grosses just over $250K/year. He plans on growing his business, adding trucks, adding plumbers and | Read More »


    You wouldn’t think Portlanders would put their precious belongings around fire bombers but Sellwood is their “Antique Row.” Quaffed a few schooners there in the old days. Lot’s of PWT’s around there–I were one. ‘Poor White Trash’ for liberal elites–‘Petrol Wielding Troglodites” is what I call them…Crush their feelings with facts. You write erudite blogs Moe.

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