A Kennedy Tries To Tell The Bishops How To Be Catholic

    For all their protestations to the contrary, liberals have an awful habit of trying to tell people of faith, notably the Catholic Church, what their faith means and how it should apply in the political sphere. If you can stomach the irony, let’s take a look at the latest example of this genre, an opinion piece in the Politico by Robert Kennedy’s daughter, former Maryland | Read More »

    An Easter Gift From the Vatican…

    Promoted by Jeff. Moe also hit this, but it’s tough to say too much on this topic — particularly when it’s said well. I’m just guessing of course, but this story probably won’t make the Easter Sunday editions of any US newspaper. Or any of the TV newsies either. Just guessing… From The Tribune: Vatican sources told Il Giornale that their support for abortion disqualified | Read More »

    Socialism starting with the Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Bill Maher, etc.

    I have about decided I’m with Barack, let’s correct the “Failure of the Civil Rights Movement” and “Redistribute the Wealth” as Obama states the Supreme Court should have done in this recently discovered 2001 audio: See it at this link: I’m wondering though if Obama has ever knocked on the door of a tenant house 100% funded by tax dollars of hard working Americans only | Read More »

    Senator Obama, You’re No Jack Kennedy

    Despite the change & youth hype, the endorsement of Ted Kennedy, the Kennedy family patriarch, and the obvious similarity (first credible African American candidate vs first credible Catholic candidate), there are striking differences between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John F. Kennedy at this stage in their careers. These are worth looking into. Fathers While it is hard to make Joe Kennedy Sr a truly | Read More »

    Campaign 2008- and That Kennedy Thing (I)

    American presidential elections are fascinating as much for their sociological import as their concrete political issues. So it was intriguing to watch the Kennedys, America’s first explicitly ethnic dynasty, pass the torch to the first African-American presidential candidate. And that does inspire some meanderings down memory lane. Everyone raised in the postwar Catholic neighborhoods remembers the tremendous impact of the John F. Kennedy’s race in | Read More »