UC Davis Pepper Spray – What Really Happened

    Mic check… Mic check… If you let them go… If you let them go… We will let you leave… We will let you leave… From Davis, to Greece,  F*** the police! We’ve all seen the video clip of the UC Davis police officer calmly hosing down “peaceful” student protesters with pepper spray, as if he were spraying weed killer on his flower beds on a | Read More »

    Four dead in Ohio.

    May 4,1970 40 years ago today Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on war protesters on the campus of Kent State. Four students were killed and nine were wounded. Tin soldiers and Nixon’s comin’. We’re finally on our own. This summer I hear the drummin’. Four dead in Ohio. Gotta get down to it. Soldiers are cutting us down. Should have been done long ago. “What | Read More »