Tennessee Dems pave way for Naifeh to resume Speaker’s chair

    Promoted by Caleb. Don’t forget to send your silly putty. The macabre, yet perversely attractive, theme of many horror film series is the inability of the good guys to rid themselves of the monster regardless of what they do. Dracula has been staked, crossed, burned, thrown into sunlight, Holy Watered, garlic-ed, silvered and more. But. He. Just. Won’t. Die. Jimmy Naifeh was first elected to | Read More »

    Have you sent your silly putty yet?

    We’ve had upwards of 100 people so far say they’ve sent their silly putty to Kent Williams. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, Kent Williams was one of 50 Republicans to take 50 to 49 control of the Tennessee State House for the first time. He then cut a deal with the Democrats and got himself elected Speaker. So clueless was he | Read More »

    Lies and Betrayal, the Kent Williams Story

    I told my son this morning I was going to watch history being made. Little did I know… After a historic November election, today was supposed to be another historic day in the Tennessee politics. The GOP would seat it’s first House majority in almost 150 years along with a Republican Speaker of the House. It was supposed to be Jason Mumpower. It ended up | Read More »

    Send Silly Putty to Kent Williams

    We’ve had several missions for the RedState Army of Activists. You probably haven’t noticed as we’ve primarily directed them to individual states. This should be one for an individual state, but we need to take this nationwide. Meet Kent Williams. He is allegedly a Republican in Tennessee. The GOP took the State House in Tennessee and rallied to one of their own to be Speaker. | Read More »

    The Enemy Within

    In November, Tennessee voters finally threw the Democrats out of power in the State House, or so they thought. The GOP won a 50-49 majority. Representative Jason Mumpower of Bristol, TN was set to take charge. Mumpower, who had been a Republican leader in the minority, had the backing of the entire caucus, both verbally and in writing. But power is sometimes too tempting — | Read More »