Beyonce sings for a Khadafy??

    Remember the old days, when we fought wars and our entertainers would support the troops? Beyonce probably doesn’t. From the New York Post’s Page Six: Beyonce sings for a Khadafy Posted: 1:27 AM, January 5, 2010 Beyonce performed for an hour on New Year’s Eve at a party thrown by terror-backing Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy’s son, Hannibal, who has a long record of violence against | Read More »

    The UN – It’s Worse Than a Waste; It’s a Tumor.

    It was a boring afternoon and I was heading back to the office after an off-site meeting. Then Rush Limbaugh had to go and say something that made me laugh so hard I nearly totaled the Focus. Col. Kaddafi had spoken at the UN and suggested reopening the entire Warren Commission investigation to find out if the Jews had shot JFK. Limbaugh compared the UN to the cantina scene from Star Wars and I very nearly laughed my way right into the ditch.

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